Kristin McGovern Blog Entry 1

Charlie Sheen. Need I say more?

Personally, I’m a fan of the man, and the fact that he had the balls to tell his boss to “f*#k off”, made me like him even more.

Charlie  does have a…chaotic past, if I’m even using the right word, which  consists of drug use, and domestic abuse, and well, his love for  prostitutes.

But we also know Charlie has talent, whether you like  him or not. He has done over 69 acting pieces, including starring in a  hit television show “Two and a Half men” which, I’ll get into later  about the new season. He produced over seven titles, became a director  of his own television series, won five awards, including a Golden Globe,  and nominated for over 19 other titles that he’s done.

With all of  this fame and fortune of being the highest paid actor on television,  obviously he’s going to be in the public eye for doing something that’s  not so…accepted.

The man knows he’s the highest paid actor on television, and he loves it.

On  his roast on Comedy Central last night, celebrities such as Jeff Ross,  Steve-O, William Shatner, Jon Lovitz, and even Mike Tyson came out to  show their support for the highest man on television.

Did I leave out “paid” in that last sentence? My bad.

I  loved some of the jokes from last night. One of my favorites was from  Shatner: “And from one rocket man to another … never, ever forget to  book your next rehab stay through”

Charlie knows he’s  not dead yet, and that he’s not going to be for a long time. He’s here  to stay. When it was his turn to start “roasting” the celebrities on the  panel, he said he didn’t even realize how f*#ked up he really was,  jokingly of course. He said, “You can’t hurt me. Hell, I can’t even hurt  myself.”

Okay so back to the premiere of the new season of “Two and a  Half Men”.  Charlie was killed off by his stalker pushing him off a  train platform into and oncoming train. I think they could have done  something a lot funnier than that, and more of something Charlie’s  character was known for. Like death during sex, or something like that.

And  the fact that Ashton Kutcher took his place? Ok first of all, he looks  like a dirt bag now, and he is not even half as funny as Charlie Sheen.  Charlie made the show! I thought the first episode sucked. They ended  the show but Ashton’s character pulling a “Charlie”, and having a  threesome in Charlie’s bed. I thought that was a scumbag move on the  network, cuz it’s kinda like saying that Ashton’s taking over everything  of yours.

If they make Kutcher’s character to be a womanizer like  Sheen’s character, I’m done with the show. The network, in my eyes, is  going to be #losing, due to the fact that Charlie Sheen is no longer the  face of that show.

Charlie is still #winning in my book, because  he’s getting twice as much attention and publicity as Ashton Kutcher is,  and he’s not even on the show anymore.