Mercy Predictions for 2011

“Mercy Baseball will break school record for most wins.” Keith Kreis, Senior, Education major.

“There will be more scholarships and grants at Mercy.” Alexandra Moretot, freshman, Occupational Therapy Major

“Obama will lose his disastrous Healthcare Bill.” Roy Mandina, junior, History major.

“I predict that Mercy will add a golf and football team.” Kevin Sailsman, freshman, Liberal Arts Major

“The Yankees will not win the World Series…the Mets will!” Mary-Jean Monica, sophomore, Health Science Major.

“I think, next year there will be more clubs at Mercy and more social interaction.” Rickea Waugh, freshman, major undecided.

“Hopefully the economy will get better and we will get out of the recession.” Chelsea Sunico, freshman, Physical Therapy major.

“It would be great to see employment rates go up and gas prices go down.” Adam Rodriguez, freshman, accounting major.

“My personal prediction is to pass all my classes and have more parties.” Kiera Fulcher, freshman, major undecided.

“I predict that the tuition is going to go up, again.” Hector Saavedra, senior, media studies major.

“The Mercy Mavericks women will win more games then they lose.” Alexandria Driscoll, freshman, majoring in Vet Tech.

“Barcelona will win the Champions League,” Miguel Lazo, sophomore, Math Education major.

“I predict that in the coming year Mercy will increase its reputation as a college with outstanding students and athletes.” Professor Duane Smith.

“The Knicks will take home the championship.” Dornell Ramey, freshman, Business.

“I think the U.S. will help South Korea in the impending war.” Jackie Krauss, junior, Education major.

“Financial aid will be cut for students, I bet.” Chris Cosentino, freshman, Criminal Justice major.

– Jesse RUcker