Soccer Falls Under .500

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Soccer Falls Under .500.

by The Impact on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 5:42pm ·

January 2011

By Kevin Lewis

The Mercy men’s soccer team made strides in 2010 as they finished 6-7-3, narrowly missing a playoff spot.

An integral part of that team was junior forward Collin Legge. Legge led the team in both goals (5), and assists (5) as he was the team’s main offensive weapon.

Legge started playing soccer at an early age mainly due to his older brother’s and parents’ playing it as well. Last season, Legge was an All-American playing for another school, so making the switch to Mercy was an adjustment for him as he had to get acclimated to his teammates and new surroundings on the field.

“I had to find a niche, and the toughest thing about this season was finding a position within the team that fit my abilities the best,” said Legge. “I played at many different positions this season for Mercy and finally settled at the left back position,”

Legge, statistically speaking, had a good season considering that it took a while to find a natural position, but he isn’t satisfied as he expects a lot more from himself. He knows what he has to do to get to the point where he wants to be as a soccer player.

“From a team standpoint, I thought we had a good year as we made significant strides, but from an individual standpoint I thought I could and should have had a better season than I did,” said Legge. “To improve next season, I have to come in the best physical condition I can and put on about ten pounds of muscle.

“The toughest challenge for us going into next season will be how to integrate the incoming freshmen into the team, while not missing a beat,” said Legge.

Given how close the team came to making the postseason , Legge cherished his first season at Mercy as the team played competitively and built a camaraderie that bloomed on and off the field.

“The team is filled with a bunch of great guys and a fantastic new coaching staff that made us want to play for them,” said Legge. “Our goal next season is to get over the hump and make it into the postseason.”

Legge sees that as a legitimate possibility as he likes the potential of the team going forward.

“As we get used to each other and another year of continuity with the coaching staff, I think competing in the postseason is a legitimate goal.”