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Featured Athlete – Kristen Znaniecki

Featured Athlete - Kristen Znaniecki

October 16, 2012

Kristen Znaniecki is a Junior from Port Jefferson Station, New York who is majoring in Health Science and Physical Therapy. As the goalkeeper for the Mavericks field hockey team, she led NCAA Division II in saves per game last season and has tallied double-digit saves totals in her last three games. What brought...

Featured Athlete – Julie Darnulc

Featured Athlete – Julie Darnulc

April 4, 2012

Julie Darnulc hails from Baldwin, New York. She is a junior Homeland Security major. Captain of Women's Lacrosse team and was just named to ECC Honor Roll for week five.   Why did you chose to wear #4 as your jersey number? I chose to wear number 4 for the number of kids in my family. ...

Feature Athlete- Kortney Parker

Feature Athlete- Kortney Parker

March 15, 2012

Kortney Parker is a student athlete from Mount Vernon, New York. He is a Senior guard  for Mercy Men's Basketball and his major is  Health Science. Why did you chose to wear #33 as your jersey number? I chose 33 because my grandfather was the most influential person in my life and he was born...

Featured Athlete – Jasmine Williams

Featured Athlete - Jasmine Williams

February 16, 2012

Jasmine Williams hails from Stratford, Ct. She is a senior media studies major. She recently just scored her 1,000th point. Why did you chose to wear #11 as your jersey number? "When I turned 11, everyone started fighting over their jersey numbers so that was the last jersey number with real s...

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