BLOG: Relationships In College Are a Joke!

As the holiday’s inch closer, guys and girls scurry through the mail attempting to find the right gift for their significant others.

Guys get quotes from different jewelers, searching for a well-priced necklace or bracelet.

Girls visit sporting good sports or research sporting events for good seats at a basketball or football game.

But why are so many college students spending their time and money on gifts when, at the end of the day, majority of college relationships aren’t monogamous?

How many times have you seen a guy (or girl) with their arm around someone, demonstrating love for one another and then days or even hours later, see the same person with their arm around someone else, doing the same thing?

Relationships in college are a joke!

With the exception of the small percentage of relationships in which the partners are faithful and the couple has been together long-term, tying yourself down in college is, in my opinion, not a good decision.

There’s no reason for anyone to be worried about having a stable relationship with all the temptations that lie on college campuses.

Four years of your lives, more or less, everyone should focus on having a good time because once it’s over, living in the real-world is inevitable.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve done the whole “committed relationship” bit and it was fun while it lasted, but as I think back and recall my college experience, I missed out on a lot because I didn’t want to put myself into situations where I would anger my partner, by drinking with my teammates or dancing at a club.

That added stress on top of midterms and finals, isn’t something that we as college students should have to deal with.

These are our prime years and we should live them up!

Plus, most relationships in college don’t last for the mere fact that people are more concerned with partying and getting wasted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing relationships because having someone who cares is awesome, but at the end of the day, most students are screwing around behind each other’s backs anyways.

So why put yourself through that inevitable heartbreak?

Exercise your freedom, let loose and have fun!