24 Going on 12

24 Going on 12

Lauren Whyte, Impact staff

I don’t know what could be more depressing. Being a twelve-year-old girl or looking as though you are twelve-years-old girl when in all actuality you are twenty-four!

I don’t even remember being 12-years-old. It was merely an age. Twevle stood in the way of me becoming an official teenager, and I was never allowed to go out because that age said that I wasn’t mature. Those claims were unequivocally false! I was a very mature twelve-year-old who unfortunately had to be in the house before the street lights came on. I had never felt so lame in my entire life. What an awkward age.

I had always wondered how my life would be as I crossed the threshold into my twenties. Never did I consider that I would still be the same height and look exactly the same way as I did when I was twelve.


So much for growth! And it only gets worse. By now I thought I would have been married… at least one time! I don’t understand. Where is my husband? Is he stuck in a tree somewhere? Does he need help climbing down? Should I call the fire department? Oh yes! How could I forget? No guy in his right mind would even approach a girl who could possibly be twelve-years-old, much less get down on one knee.


How much fun does it sound getting into an argument with a flight attendant during your flight all because she demands that you be removed from the exit row because she insists that you are under age? So much for the exta leg space.


How about going out for a night on the town, and you try to dress your sexiest, only to be called adorable! And to top it off, being hit on by boys who look as though they belong in elementary school! I am too cute for jail! Orange may be the new black, but it sure does not work for me! This is no longer comical, something is seriously wrong here! I feel as though I’ve been cursed with a curious case of Benjamin Button.


As I get older in age my face looks younger in appearance. Everyone is searching for the fountain of youth, also known as “the best plastic surgeon,” and I am still stuck in isle seven looking for get old spray. I guess the moral of my rant is to figure out why do people fear aging?

I believe that aging is a wonderful thing. It displays that you have been through various stages of your life which came with trials and errors, countless mistakes, love, broken hearts and so many learning experiences from all of these things. Some people are scared of aging because it brings them closer to death. Death is not a respecter of one’s age, it happens at any time. I look at my grandmother, and I see how she fights the inevitable of her aging process, and my mother, who is not fond of her gray hairs as she plays hide and seek with them; now you see them, now you don’t. It’s interesting to see how the body takes you on a journey of which you cannot get off. Actually, that it is false. There are ways of getting off that train thanks to plastic surgery and botox. And while there are many downsides to getting older such as: sagging skin, weaker bones, loss of hair, bodily changes, false teeth, gray hair and possibly losing your independence, I try to look at the brighter side of this spectrum.

Here are some of the things I look forward to:

Elderly people can get away with saying whatever is on their mind: How sweet would that be, to walk around without a filter?

Senior Citizen Discounts: A discount here or there has never hurt anyone. Being able to save money is always a great thing and something I look forward to.

Experience: You have been there and you have done that, you cannot be fooled.

Retirement: Being able to enjoy life without being tide down by responsibilities that once held you captive.

Your not dead: You have survived this crazy roller coaster of life.

While I am among the few who are for aging, this eternal youth that I have going on for me right now better work out for me when I am fifty years old. If it does not work for me, then it would all have been all in vain. Just saying.