The New Age Boxing Franchise Has A Trilogy


Is this how people living in the ’70s and ’80s felt when Sylvester Stallone was playing Rocky Balboa in the Rocky franchise? Were fans filled with excitement that they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the movie poster? Were their mouths laying on the floor after getting a glimpse of what was to come through the first trailer for the movie?

Maybe they were hoping and praying for the release date to come as fast as tomorrow.

On March 3, 2023,  Michael B. Jordan will be resuming the role of Adonis Creed in the Creed franchise’s third film. This comes after nearly five years of the last installment, where fans saw Jordan’s character face Rocky’s past demons that brought us to how Rocky and Adonis are connected. This time around Creed has his how problems from the past that he has to face.

Fans, like myself, have been waiting on the film to come. When Jordan, as well as the Creed movie page, posted the movie flyers on Instagram, it felt like a dream that you couldn’t remember popped into your brain and you suddenly recall all the elation it brought. We see Creed in his corner of the ring, and in the top right corner of the post it says “YOU CAN’T RUN…” The next slide shows actor Jonathan Majors in a corner of a ring with boxing trunks that indicates his character name is Dame. “…FROM YOU PAST” sits in the top left corner of this picture.

It isn’t until the next day that the trailer is released.

We learn in the trailer that seven years has past since we last seen Adonis Creed. This is where he fights Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago, the man who beats Adonis’ father Apollo to death in Rocky IV. Since then, Adonis has built his career and family. He has surly obtained success in the ring as we catch his taking a picture with real life boxing icon Canelo Alvarez. The next clip of the trailer is of Creed arriving at his car to find a man leaning against it. At first, the man is unrecognizable, but after a closer look and a quick scene of two kids looking at each other while cop car lights flashing and their hands up, Adonis says, “Damian.”

Damian has been locked up 18 years and came to see Creed almost immediately upon release. With a great physique and the notion of him still having gas in the tank, viewers pick up he is a boxer as well. We are watching a boxing franchise after all.

The past seems like this is where Creed kept this old friend since his wife didn’t now the backstory between the two. Is it because Damian takes the wrap for whatever they were caught in ? This also  raises questions about how sever was the crime and did Adonis ever help him while he was down for Adonis to thrive ? Damian surly think that he never  go the chance to prove he is the best because it’s the sacrifice he made.

Damian is coming for everything and is past talking . The trailer ends with the tow squaring off in the ring.

This will be the first movie in the franchise without Stallone and the character of Rocky, allowing Creed to be the sole focus. A great direction for a great character and actor. Looking forward to the third installment and hopefuly many more.