The Fall of Ye

The Fall of Ye

This is going to be an observation of cause and effect. Ye, formally known as Kanye West, is a public figure that has an impact on many things that we hear about and see on a constant basis. The rapper-producer has a large and impactful platform and holds the first amendment right as a U.S. citizen, which has countless possibilities on what can happen.

So when Ye came out in recent interviews and social media posts with antisemitic comments, these possibilities lead to the decline of an empire that he has built.

For Ye, this is about truth. During his interviews, he was not afraid to hold back on how he felt. Whether we agree in silence or in public outrage, Ye did not seem concerned with how society’s perception of his views.

He was headstrong on the belief that “Jewish people have owned the black whether it’s due us wearing a Ralph Lauren or as all of us began signed to a record label Jewish manager or be assigned to a Jewish basketball team or doing a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney and.”

Ye does talk about his respect for the Jewish community, but he didn’t appreciate the way the media has treated him.

Kanye’s four scheduled stadium concerts were canceled, he says, for him wearing a White Lives Matter shirt. The media portrayed a crazy image when he recalls his ex-wife’s family withheld the location of his daughter’s birthday party. Forbes would criticize his fashion style but failed to mention he was a billionaire for four years. So with the feelings of being diminished in the media, came the Drink Champs interview, which has since been taken down, and a tweet threatening to “go death con 3 on Jewish people.”

Ye does say that he is a Jew as the blood of Christ, suggesting he isn’t and cannot be antisemitic.

He also holdsthe belief that George Floyd’s cause of death was fentanyl and not the knee of the police officer’s on Floyd’s neck after watching The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM by Candace Owens.

The fall happened immediately followed. Balenciaga, Vogue, Footlocker, his talent agency agency, his bank have all cut ties with him. Two star athletes, Aaron Donald of the NFL and Jaylen Brown of the NBA, have split with Donda Sports, Ye’s sport agency. His record label “Good Music” is no longer part of Def Jam. Adidias was one of the last to drop him, and this partnership affected both parties finically. For Ye, he was no longer a billionaire, and Adidas expects to lose about 250 million before the year ends. According to the rapper/producer, he lost $2 billion in 24 hours following the comments.

Kanye posted a tweet asking, “Who do you think created cancel culture?” around the same time of the “death con 3” tweet. Seems like he could look into the future and see everything that going to happen once he spoke his truth.

As I watch and hear what is going on with this situation, I cannot determine what is true or what is propaganda. Maybe the is a control over the media and entertainment industry. Perhaps Kanye West is crazy. Who knows ?

There is one thing that can be seen in the eyes of many. That is the rule of cause and effect disregards anyone, regardless of money or place in society. Because he released an opinion that was not popular with society, companies and people felt it was best to distance themselves from him.

We are granted the right to have freedom of speech in the United States unlike other countries in the world. Public figures seem to have a different set of rules based on the set out eyes that are on them. The image they have to display. There are companies that rely on celebrities like Ye to sell and promote their product. With no controversy, there is nothing to worry about. The interpretation of Ye’s recent statements were nothing short of controversy, so the fall and distance came.

Every action has a consequence, good or bad, and the world is witnessing this happen to the rapper-producer Kanye West.