Lebron Disappointed by Lack of questions about Jerry Jones Controversial Photo


After a Wednesday night win over the Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James asked the media during his press conference why they haven’t brought up a controversial photo from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones back in 1957 after Jones was standing in a crowd preventing the first ever black students trying to attend a high school in Arkansas.

Lebron said, “I was wondering why I haven’t gotten a question about the Jerry Jones photo, but when the Kyrie thing was going on you guys were quick to ask questions about that” referencing former teammate Kyrie Irving’s suspension for retweeting a documentary with anti-Semitic rhetoric.

James then followed with “When I watch Kyrie talk and he says, ‘I know who I am, but I want to keep the same energy when we’re talking about my people and the things that we’ve been through,’ and that Jerry Jones photo is one of those moments that our people, Black people, have been through in America.”

James then continued “And I feel like as a Black man, as a Black athlete, as someone with power and a platform, when we do something wrong, or something that people don’t agree with, it’s on every single tabloid, every single news coverage, it’s on the bottom ticker. It’s asked about every single day.” James is not wrong about how the media can have double standards to attack someone like Irving constantly and keep his name in the news, but stay mostly quiet about Jones, who was revealed to have been part of a mob of white students who prevented 6 black students from entering North Little Rock High School in Arkansas, as revealed by a photo found by the Washington Post about a week ago. Jones even responded to the photo, stating he “didn’t know at the time the monumental event really that was going on.”

This was very hypocritical of Jones to say, as there was no way he wouldn’t have known if he was there, and shows he wants to focus attention away from the photo. He then continued with “I’m sure glad that we’re a long way from that. I am. That would remind me to just continue to do everything we can to not have those kinds of things happen.” But one thing Jones failed to do was take any responsibility for the photo, which was clearly a vision of him back in the 1950s of who he used to be, and other actions he has represented have echoed that. In 2016 Jones refused to let players protest police brutality and many other causes by kneeling for the national anthem by saying “We cannot in any way give the implication that we tolerate disrespecting the flag,” Jones told the Dallas Morning News. “We know that there is a serious debate in this country about those issues, but there is no question in my mind, that the [NFL] and the Dallas Cowboys are going to stand up for the flag.” So by failing to take accountability for this photo, Jones once again showed his true colors on how he may feel when it comes to heated racial topics, and as the owner of the top franchise in the NFL that is just unacceptable.


The media, however, has refused to address the photo, with certain shows like Fox’s Skip and Shannon Undisputed, and NFL media outlets like CBS and NFL network having no mention of it, and Jones still not completely apologetic or responding to the answers about it. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Irving, who was suspended earlier in the season for retweeting the documentary, has been ridiculed on every media outlet, forced to apologize and did, and still receives plenty of backlash. Irving was also dropped from Nike and many other endorsements. And I am not trying to act like Irving was right for his comments, but I am wondering where the same backlash for Jones is, just like Lebron is. There is no reason to bash one who is a player and let another who is an owner go scott free, like the media has done so James has a point.