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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

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From Campus to Catwalk: Mercy’s Makeup Club Makes Its Debut



As a casual in-between class time leisure, her classmate decided to test out a cat-winged eyeliner trick on her. 

The simple stroke of the charcoal black eyeliner painted along her eye and Emily-Ana Hernandez gained two things.

A new best friend and a passion for makeup.

Hernandez is a first-year student at Mercy University in the transition of changing her studies to major in general business administration with a minor in english. She created the Makeup Club in the middle of the Fall 2023 semester. 

Hernandez said, “My breakthrough with makeup was when my friend taught me a trick to do a cat wing.” 

She continued, “Since then I’ve been nonstop. I wear makeup every day.” 

Especially with the pandemic, Hernandez immersed herself in the world of makeup teaching herself everything ranging from glittery eyeshadows to liquid oozing foundations. 

Hernandez and her Makeup Club members contoured their way onto the runway to make their club debut in collaboration with the Fashion Club.

The Fashion Club hosted another fashion show on Feb. 10 in Manhattan in honor of New York Fashion Week. 

Members of the makeup club gathered their brushes and palettes to highlight and bake the Fashion Club’s models’ makeup for the show. Although a majority of the models went for a more natural look, Hernandez still popped up some shiny, gold glitter for their looks. 

She added, “It was really fast. But the preparation was really the most chaotic part.” 

The Makeup Club recently hosted their first official meeting of the semester being an icebreaker event to gather all the members and hopefully new members as well. The Club currently has 25 members with about 10 more people wanting to also join. 

Although the Club is mainly based in Manhattan, Hernandez also wants to expand meetings on Zoom or have a few meetings in the Westchester and the Bronx campuses. She even wants to make events not only about makeup but ranging from bonding activities such as practicing meditation, going out to eat, hosting competitions with prizes, and more. 

It can even just be a place for the members to do homework and relax with each other. This idea stemmed from Hernandez’s thinking about applying makeup on someone else’s face as she said, “Firstly, to do makeup on each other, you need to trust each other.”

Hernandez added, “My plans for the Makeup Club is not only going to just be a club about makeup. I really want to make it like a family, kind of like a sisterhood, or you know if any cis-gender boys actually want to come, that’s totally fine as well. We accept anyone!”

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Alyssa Politi
Alyssa Politi, Managing Editor
Alyssa Politi is a senior at Mercy University majoring in journalism and minoring in business. She serves Mercy University presently as the Director of Communications of Student Government, the Program Assistant of Mercy's Global Honors Program, a Student Worker in the School of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office, and the Marketing Director of the CEO Club. Outside of the Mercy community, Politi relishes in social media content creation, quality family and friends time, and prides herself on self-care. Politi writes a column for The Impact titled Blondes Have More Fun, which delves into the not-so-fun aspects of life that have been thrown her way and that others may relate to. She can be reached at [email protected].  

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