Cellphone Radiation A Growing Risk

Cellphone Radiation A Growing Risk

Cell phones in today’s society are built to keep up with everyday tasks; however, society does not realize how much these handheld devices are actually damaging  the physical condition.

According to a CNET review, the SAR, which is the specific absorption rate, is a measure of the amount of radio frequency that is taken in and absorbed by the body when using the cellular device. All cell phones carry these radio frequencies; however, they do vary by device. Tests that were taken by the Federal Communications Commission determined that the SAR level on a cell phone is measured when the device is next to the ear and can vary depending on the transmission bands.

Now what does that all mean in plain English?

It means that every time a phone call is received, there are many levels of radiation going through all parts of the brain. Cell phones now are made to multi task very easily. We all know phone calls can be made while texting another number, then hopping onto the Internet to look up information, or even making a reservation or an order of a personal favorite item. But is it really worth the risk of damaging the biggest part of your nervous system?

According to an investigation done in December 2007, Israeli researchers reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology saying that, “long-term cell-phone users who live in rural areas face a consistently elevated risk of developing tumors in the parotid gland,” which is located right below the ear, compared with users who live in urban or suburban locations.

Graduate Mercy student Michael Semens says, “Cell phone radiation has always been a scary thought in my mind. However, I still use my cell phone as much as before. Perhaps one day I will invest in some type of headset to lessen my daily intake of radiation waves, but until then I am going to still use my cell phone next to my ear as much as before”

A big danger that many women may not realize is how dangerous their cell phones are to their child during pregnancy. Handheld devices should not be kept next to their abdomens. According to Top News 29,000 youngsters found that children under the age of seven who were exposed to the use of mobile phones had a 20 percent chance of developing abnormal behavior, whereas those children in the womb, who are exposed to cell phones, had a 30 percent chance of developing behavioral problems.

Young children today possess high tech phones when more than half of them barely use them for what they are intended for. According to experts, children who are born with thin and thinner skulls should limit cell phone use since the radiation from the cell phone can penetrate deeper. People at any age should also not be sleeping with an active phone next to or under their pillows.

CNN released a story in August that explained how thirty-one scientists from fourteen countries including the United States, found enough evidence that can label cell phone radiation as “Possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Plenty can be done to lessen the exposure, such as putting the phone call on speaker, using a headset, or even better, sending a simple text message.

“The biggest problem we have is that we know most environmental factors take several decades of exposure before we really see the consequences,” said Dr. Keith Black on the study.