Mercy College and Dobbs Ferry Team Up To Create Coupon Book

Mercy College and Dobbs Ferry Team Up To Create Coupon Book

Mercy College and the Dobbs Ferry Downtown Improvement Committee are headed in the right direction by joining together to make Dobbs Ferry have more of a college town feel.

The Dobbs Ferry Downtown Improvement Committee and Mercy College announced their partnership with local Dobbs Ferry merchants to provide discounts on products and services to the students who attend Mercy College.

The plan starts with a coupon book. The coupon book will include discounts from 25 local businesses that range from food and beverages, clothing stores, and beauty and nail salons, among other services. The coupon has been available to Mercy College students at the Dobbs Ferry campus as of Dec 5.

“The coupon book initiative is another example of the efforts by Mercy College to play a more active role in the community. And in this case, to help support the downtown and local business owners,” states Village of Dobbs Ferry Mayor Hartley Connett. “It’s also a great example of how volunteers in the community can give their time and ideas. The Downtown Improvement Committee can make a big difference.”

Majority of the merchants that are a part of the coupon book are located on Cedar Street, as well as Ashford Avenue, and Main Street.

Spokesperson Victor Pichardo said, “We wanted Mercy to be partners with the community, and for the students to get a sense of the great community that surrounds us. The merchants, as well as the students, benefit: it’s a win,-win for everyone.”

Over the summer, the office of public relations and chair of Downtown Improvement Committee approved this deal to unite Mercy College and the town of Dobbs Ferry.

“The coupon book is a great way for local merchants to attract new customers and generate additional business,” says Larry Taylor, who is a part of the Dobbs Ferry Downtown Improvement Committee. “It also encourages the Mercy College community to take advantage of goods and services that are offered right here in our local community of Dobbs Ferry.”

Students who live on the Dobbs Ferry campus historically do not see much of the town due to the transportation, finances and lack of promotion of local events. However, with the coupon book, students will become aware of the discounts by merchants.

“ As a student that goes out often, I am hoping for this plan to be successful, as well as to draw attention not only to the students, but to the community,” said junior dorm student Solomon Green.

Dr. Hind Culhane, psychology and behavioral science, has been a supporter of the community effort and feels inspired that the town where she has lived for over 40 years is once again having a partnership with Mercy College.

“I have always felt it is important to bring the town and the college together; past administration has tried in the past, but I feel extra positive about this step forward,” she said. “I feel more can also be done through local internships with downtown organizations, such as community service; we need to close the gap between the college and town.”

Recently the town of Dobbs Ferry fixed up and reconstructed the pathway also known as the aqueduct. For students, the aqueduct is an easy and pleasing trail to take into town, and or work.

“It’s a beautiful trail to take to release stress,” says freshman TinaMarie Silva.

Some of the services that are offering these exclusive offers include Brick Oven Pizza, Doubledays Sports Bar And Grill, Cedar Street Grill, Cagney’s Hair Studio and more.

For students who would like to pick up their coupon books, they are distributed at three specific locations: the Chief Operation office in Victory Hall, the office of Student Support in Main Hall, and Student Success and Engagement in Main Hall.