Car Accident On Dobbs

On Tuesday March 27 at 10:35 a.m., was a loud alarming alert right in front of by the bus stop by Main Hall.

According to security guard Juan Lopez, he was in the security office at Main Hall when he heard a loud crash and students raising their voices.

“I quickly rushed outside to see what is was at the same time alarming my other assistants on duty to find out it was a black Jeep a female who is a student here on campus running into a 1994 Mazda.”

The girl who happens to drive the jeep was coming from the parking lot by the soccer field heading towards the main entrance passing by the bus stop. According to Lopez, the bus was parked at the bus stop which makes it hard form people to see ahead especially with approaching vehicles because it blocks that right turn for people to see.

“The girl in the jeep I believe was driving more than 15mph because it wouldn’t have been a serious accident if she was driving slow and was a bit cautious. “

According to Nicolette Davis, a business major on campus who saw the accident from her class on the second floor of Main Hall said the noise was very loud from the collision and was surprised no major injuries was recorded.

“I drive to campus everyday and sometimes it ridiculous how the buses park right by Main Hall. It makes it so hard to see is a car is approaching and a student who is trying to cross. You have to be extra cautious when driving everywhere on campus.”

She added that students need to be more self aware on campus as well. “Most student here don’t really pay attentions to the cars and even the car horns because they have big head phones over their ears or on the phone talking and texting. Sometimes they walk extra slow when you stop and give them the go ahead to cross the street the walk slow and when they begin to walk fast and make a move to continue driving the do something stupid for you to get angry.”

The speed limit on campus is 15mph, yet many students have complained that some students drive so fast on campus with loud music, not taking any caution to whatsoever may come along their way. Some students have expressed to the Impact that bus stop should be moved from the Main Hall area and pushed back toward the outdoor basketball gym behind the swimming pool or around the soccer field to ensure more safety when driving and also more stops signs should be available on the way. Some students don’t even use the side walk to get across they actually walk in the street where cars drive this makes it hard to be patient to deal, especially when rushing to class.