Movie Night

On Thursday, September 20, the school had FunFlicks, an inflatable movie screen rental company, come and set up a projector and movie screen so the students were able to watch “The Avengers” before it was out on DVD, September 25,2012. Nick Canzano, student activities coordinator, wanted to create “…a nice activity for students to get involved especially for students who live in the dorms.” Many students brought blankets, to lay on, and jackets. Students were told not eat on the field. This was a great way for students to meet new people, making new fiends. Some students were too focused on the movie to talk to other people. Some students sated “There needs to be drinks and snacks the next time.” Others said, “There needs to be a lot more of events like this, like movies and other things they can have on the field, except not on nights where we have class the next day, or when it is to cold out.” The size of the screen was perfect, and the quality of the movie was perfect. The amount of people was nice but you would expect more people to come. Through the company that was used there was a concession stand add-on. It would have made the movie event more realistic, almost as if you were sitting in the movie theatre yourself. People need popcorn or something to snack on while they are at the movies. To make the experience better some students wanted chairs, this would have prevented people from taking their shoes of to get the rubber pellets from the turf out. Chairs should have been placed there some students legs fell asleep, also they did not feel comfortable sitting on the rock hard turf. People would think that it would be a bootleg but some Nick was able to acquire a pre-released copy of the movie. Students that did not see the movie were excited because they did not have to pay the $16.99 for the basic DVD, basic quality iTunes or the Blu-ray for $19.99, HD iTunes. this was the very first movie event that Mercy College has done, and it was very successful. The positive energy that people had because Mercy was starting to plan some fun events this year. This is the first of many movie nights to come.