Who uses Social Media more?

The amount of adults using social media websites has more than doubled, according to new studies.

Five years ago, just 29 percent of online adults used social networking sites. Today, that figure has ballooned to 72 percent, according to the Pew Research Center.

Typically, women are known to be more updated and aware of what’s going on whereas, men are more passive and relaxed. Therefore, most people suggested women use social media more. However, after a recent survey at the Mercy College Bronx campus, it showed that men played an equal role in using social media.

Students that suggested women used social media more, argued that women crave attention and are more emotional than men, which leads them to be more active on their social networks.

“When it comes down to their personal lives they air out their dirty laundry more so than men. Women are emotional creatures and if they are not happy in their relationships they will voice that,” said Danelle Haley, a Mercy College Senior.

Women typically use social media to connect with their friends and family and to be updated on fashion tips and favorite celebrities, the study says. Some even have certain social networks just to be current.

“From my experience, I tend to see more women post on social networks than men. I actually follow more men and yet the posts I see are mainly from women,” said Roenny Hernandez, a Mercy College senior.

Other students felt that men aren’t on social networks as much because they don’t feel the need whereas, a lot of women feel they have to be on various social networks.

“I’ve had Facebook and Instagram for a while, and my boyfriend doesn’t have anything by choice. I recently forced him to get an Instagram and now that he has one he posts something once every two weeks whereas, I’m a lot more active on mine. That just shows that not all guys are into it like women,” said Jesenia Toledo, a Mercy College Senior.

Although, this may be true, a lot of students suggested men were just as invested on social networks as women. Some women suggested that men were on various social networks solely to seek out women.

“Men go on social networks to seek women because by nature they already know women are going to be on them. Also, men are turning into girls. They are becoming emotional and gossiping more which causes them to be a lot more active,” said Steven Vasquez, a Mercy College junior.

Also, a lot of men in Mercy College have more than one social network. When asked, most men had Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also frequently checked their phone and updated their statuses. Aside from connecting with friends and family, men use social networks for business as well.

“I go on my Instagram and Facebook a lot because I promote different clubs on the weekends. I need to be active to get people to come out. Aside from that, I usually go on to see what my friends are up to or to see funny stuff that people post,” said John Lozada, Mercy College junior.

Other students suggested men are more invested than women because they actually take it personal when someone doesn’t follow them back or unfriends them. For example, on Instagram people can follow your account and when that happens it allows them access to your profile. Also, a lot of apps today are allowing people to see when someone unfollows them on these various social networks. Therefore, some men put in their bio “Don’t follow to unfollow, I have the app.” .

Social media is clearly taking over the lives of many Americans. Both men and women and even a lot of young kids are making social networks a necessity. Before women were known to use social media a lot more however, times have changed and today men are showing to be just as active as women.