Oh Boy, Another Snow Day

Krystal Johnson, staff writer

 When you were younger, snow days consisted of waking up late, eating cereal in your pajamas and enjoying the long day ahead that mother nature had so graciously giving you.

Today, a snow day can be the complete opposite some may even say a curse. For those who are college undergraduates, snow days may be the worst thing possible. Professors pre-schedule their assignments for the semester,  however when mother nature decides to take a turn for the worst, so does the class scheduled ahead. To some, this may seem as a subject of disinterest, however, to many this reoccurring snow day may just be effecting their grades and overall experience in the class.

 When asked during a Twitter post just how students felt about missing classes for the hefty snow, the replies were very unusual. Some students replied with the generic “idc” (I don’t care), some responses were “it gives me additional time to catch up on my life.” Other students were completely displeased with the canceled classes and were confused as to how the rest of their semester would be affected by the polar vortex. Rumors have since escalated on college chat sites as to if students would be mandated to attend classes during spring break. That immediately turned heads and raised concern. 

” I believe students should be mandated to attend classes online as scheduled on campus for future snow days, ” said Denise Biggs, a senior attending Mercy college.  “I am currently enrolled in my last semester and missing so many days makes it that much harder to catch up.”

Catching up may almost be impossible for some students who are on sports teams and have already missed days of school. Mohammed Lee of Hunter College is one of the many athletic players in his school who has yet to know what his future may hold in classes due to the snow days and future schedule games. ” I’ve already been excused in the months of March and April due to the fact that I have four away games and now I don’t know if I will be able to catch up due to these pass few snow days.”

And while some were willing to roll out of bed and hoof it to class on campus, commuting safety will also be in play during a decision about a snow day. Since opening public schools on Feb. 13, 2014, New York City has received so many complaints that it’s leadership is now in question.

Is it fair to say that the judgment on whether or not school should be open be judged upon the level of studies? This question was asked to a young college single mother of two. “No I do not believe school should be open for anyone during this type of weather,” says Elsy Hernandez. “ I would not allow my children to travel to school during drastic weather and I wouldn’t travel myself it is not safe.”

 Safe or not, school is still being canceled while the spring semester for many will soon be coming to an end. 

Should it be up to the students to commit to online studies or the faulty to rearrange their syllabi? Either way snow is still predicted to hit us hard throughout the next month so what is next to come? Should or will students even be mandated to give up that week they look forward to all year just because mother nature decided to have its way with us during the winter?

“If it will help many of us pass our courses, I wouldn’t see a problem with giving up my Spring Break to attend missed class,” says Biggs when being asked if students should attend classes during spring break. “It’s a week that you will get to enjoy during the summer. If the material has not be taught enough and test are being distributed to us there is a great chance majority of us may just flunk,” added Biggs.  

As for the days you slept in and became reacquainted with your bed, they may just be over. For many snow days still consist of flopping around enjoying a free day off, as for many it is a struggle as to what is next to come.