An Uber Ride Is Just A Smart Phone Click Away

An Uber Ride Is Just A Smart Phone Click Away

In a perfect world, it’s easy enough to go from point A to point B, right? One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to hail a cab and get in it. Yet, it must be hard enough for some people if they now, instead of walking outside, pick up their phone, open an app and schedule a taxi to be waiting for them outside. Is it necessary? Are people so impatient and in such a rush that this concept makes sense?

Apparently, it makes perfect sense.

In 2010, the taxicab company Uber was launched out of San Francisco. Since then, Uber has swept across the nation and has seeped into countries around the globe. With a seemingly small market potential threatened by major cities’ vast taxi accessibility, Uber, theoretically wouldn’t stand a chance. Yet, four years later, Uber continues to grow proving that there is an apparent need for another transportation contender.

So how does it work? Uber is an app that is available on any smart phone. It provides their users to pinpoint their location. Independent drivers, all of whom are certified Uber drivers, use the same app to look for clients who’ve requested a taxi. At this point, the driver has an option to either pick up the client or not, unaware of where the customer needs to go. Yet, the client is provided with a quote as to what their fare will cost. Once a driver has decided to pick-up the client all of their information is displayed on the clients phone. This information includes their name, the type of car they are in and also their location, providing the customer with an accurate estimation of when the driver will arrive.

Uber is unique because it gives their clients the privilege of selecting the type of car which is most suitable for them, which for anyone who has been in a city with a group of five or more knows can be a very powerful tool. Also, Uber doesn’t require cash. Upon installing the app, one enters their credit card information, which is accessed each time they use the app. This feature also allows the user to tip their driver without receiving flack as to why they don’t have cash—which yes, really does happen.

So why use Uber? Uber prides themselves on many unique aspects that one normally wouldn’t consider when using a generic taxi company. Firstly, Uber is safer than your run–of- the-mill yellow cab. Each driver undergoes a mandatory background check, reassuring their clientele that they are getting into a car with a psychopath. Also, each vehicle is accounted for; each transaction is recorded and monitored to ensure customer safety. The vehicles also are regularly inspected and maintained, verifying they are safe to drive in the first place.

Uber also distinguishes themselves through their anonymous review feature. If at anytime the passenger feels threatened they can report it and the driver will be reprimanded. Each driver accumulates reviews that are eventually calculated into an overall rating that can be viewed by the customer before they are picked up. On the contrary, any driver who feels uncomfortable can report a passenger that may lead to fewer drivers wanting to pick them up. It is policies such as these that make Uber a safer alternative to other taxi companies.

Despite claims of the Uber company being cheaper than other taxis is a common misconception. Uber meters run almost identically to any other cab, based on a algorithm that calculates both speed and distance to determine an appropriate fare. Occasionally, Uber increases their prices on busier nights, as they believe it is fair considering the quality of transportation they are providing. So don’t expect to save money using the Uber services.

Even though Uber’s impact and success is undeniable, it hasn’t evolved without conflict as many countries and cities around the world have banned the acclaimed “unofficial” taxi company. The company has also been stricken with several lawsuits that violate the company’s terms of operation and local laws.

Though Uber has faced adversity upon their growth they demonstrate no resistance in continuing their expansion. They have recently partnered with various restaurants in attempt to prevent drunk driving and enhancing one’s night even further. Whether or not people believe in Uber or not, the company is becoming more relevant as technology simultaneously grows; it has captured the attention of youths and supplied another safe alternative of transportation.