Mentorship An Option From Career Mavericks


Throughout our college experience we go through the process of bettering ourselves and finding a path in life. With the help of Mercy College, we learn things that will help us achieve our goals in life.

Mercy’s Career Services department helps us with just that. They offer help in finding internships as well as careers. They assist with building a resume and cover letter. They also teach how to conduct oneself in an interview. Career fairs are readily available, as is career assistance on Mercy Mavericks. This is the online website where students can apply for jobs as well as internships. It’s as easy as clicking a button. All you have to do is upload your resume.

One of the jobs listed is SEBNC in the Bronx. This is an afterschool program in which students can become youth counselors for children from the ages 10-14. They offer many different activities for the children in the community. The children break into different majors. These include Step, Billionaire Oysters Club, Stem, journalism, dance, and boys and girls basketball.

The best part about this after school program is that it keeps the children out of trouble and from roaming the streets, says the directors. The children actually enjoy being there. Being in the program teaches them leadership as well as how to get along with others.

Student Madysen Baker says, “I would rather be here than be home doing nothing.”

SEBNC works to keep children from running the streets and getting into trouble. The parents in the community are a big help when it comes to helping out. They have fundraisers and games to raise money for the children.

“Every few months the children will have a basketball game and we will cook and sell food and cupcakes to the neighborhood to raise money,” says Alisa Pratt, the program’s director. The money they raise goes towards things they need. This includes uniforms for the Step team and basketball team, as well as games for their free time while they are here.

“I love being here; I didn’t know I would make so many friends and have so much fun,” says Anais Nunez who just started the program a few months ago.

SEBNC has many accomplishments when it comes to their teams. The girls’ Step team made it to Apollo for the Step It Up Competition. The boys’ basketball team was 16-0 during their season. The program is expanding. During this time they have night gym where the children can come and work out with their families. The whole family can go workout with the instructor doing aerobics, Zumba, dance classes, and jump rope. Night gym ends at 10 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Samantha Robinson, mother of Jalen Robinson, says she likes having college educated mentors from Mercy as a part of the program.  “I feel safe knowing he has somewhere to go afterschool.”

The program lets the children choose what type of activities they get to have. They celebrate birthdays for the children and staff. They also have parties for holidays as well as go on trips.

“I enjoy the trips we go on; they’re always exciting and we travel to places some of us never been, “says My-Asia Robinson.

The parents also come in and have a meeting when the children have parties coming up. They also contribute to the parties by making dishes and treats. They also help with cleaning up and making sure the children get home safe.

The parents are a big help in the program, as well as the staff that work there. The children get to do their homework, have a snack, and then go to their activity for the day. Each child gets to participate in 2 different activities. They pick the two they want to participate in and go to it twice a week. Free day is when they have the option on if they want to do their homework. If they choose not to they go pick out a board game they would like to play. At six, they head across the street to the gym for different activities. Some days they all participate in activities together.

This afterschool program turns into a summer camp for the kids in the neighborhood. They attend trips every day. They provide breakfast and lunch for the kids. The parents in the community had a lot of good things to say about the program. “I like that they let us know things ahead of time,” says Theresa Williams.

The program’s leading director Nelson Patrick has a wide range of other programs open throughout the Bronx. “I like to help today’s youth, says Patrick, most think they don’t stand a chance in this society to I like to make a difference.”