Mercy College Spring Fling A Success

Chris Telford, Staff Writer

Turquoise blue tank tops with a golden yellow logos with Mercy College Spring Fling written on it. The Mavericks horse logo next to it. Verrazzano Hall at the Dobbs Ferry Campus was the location was buzzing with excitement.

On Saturday April 24, Mercy College held its annual Spring Fling day. It as a carnival like atmosphere and friendly playful environment as a mood of the Spring Fling. Live performances, dip and dots, hot dogs, burgers, barbecue chicken, and beverages were served.

Bees buzzing, birds chirping, eagles soaring, ants crawling through the grass nature was at its peak at Verrazzano Hall. The event began at the right time and day. Early spring weather conditions for a Spring Fling was an appropriate  fit for a outdoor event.

The event was free and open to the public, students, and faculty at Mercy College. The Dobbs Ferry Campus holds the Spring Fling event every year before the spring semester ends. Students were fully active and engaged throughout the Spring Fling. Four hours of fun from 1 to 5 p.m. was more than enough time for an active enjoyable afternoon event.

The Spring Fling basically was a carnival version of a festival with games, events, food, and performances. The campus was filled to capacity with families, students, faculty, and outside guests during the Spring Fling.

The first 200 people were given free Spring Fling tank top shirts. Lessing’s catered and provided food for the event. The majority of students in the dorms attended and made an appearance at the Spring Fling. Music was played and people were throwing Frisbees, shooting hoops, eating food, and socializing.

“Anytime you could get dorming students out their room for a span over more than a hour you know the event is fun,” says Jerelle Gordon.

” The Spring Fling is the type of event every college needs monthly juts to make the campus more social,” says Terry Jones.

Live performances lead to the Spring Fling having a feel of a live concert. The live performances felt like a mini version of Hot 97’s radio station’s yearly summer jam concert.

The President of Mercy College, Timothy Hall, made a special appearance at the Spring Fling. It was also Accepted Students Day for incoming freshmen at Mercy College.

The accepted students eyes were glazed at the Spring Fling. The look of fascination was seen in the pupils of the accepted students.  If accepted students were not sold on Mercy College before, the Spring Fling may have instantly made them purchase their ticket to attend Mercy.

Hundreds of people crowded the grass in the backyard of Verrazzano Hall. Smiles, grins, and laughter was the common actions occurring during the Spring Fling. The beautiful weather outside only enhanced the experience. Whenever its 70 plus degrees outside the feeling of summer is near becomes realistic. An outdoor event with beautiful weather is the perfect recipe for success. Since it was nice outside people had no problem having fun in the sun. Tic-tac toe, relay races, basketball tournaments, trampolines jumps,  and slides were other the enjoyable elements.

It was obvious that the combination of food,games, live performances, and free entry to an outdoor event was the only promotion to entice people to show up. Slippers, shorts, tank-tops, white t-shirts, basketball shorts was the attire for the majority of people who attended the fling. The Md8(Mercy Digital Eight) Club led an assisting hand to work sound for the Spring Fling. Prior to the show, the Md8 Club prepared the stage with speakers and other equipment.

One student who was helping with the live sound of the spring fling had a enjoyable time.

“Anytime I get an opportunity to do live sound for any event, I jump at it because I am a music major,” said Terry Jones. “One day I want to do sound for live concerts.”

The Md8 club and other Music Technology students helping out for the show were constantly moving around and making sure everything sound related was in order. Throughout the Spring Fling the sound went smoothly. During the live performances, the musicians performing were heard clearly through the microphone.

Activities available to participate in kept people active and busy throughout the four hour fling. The opportunity to play sports, be active, and enjoy outdoor weather was impossible to refuse. People were constantly playing basketball, running around, and staying occupied.


The only thing better? Making that fling last all night.