Fashion Show Shines in Prime time at the Rotunda

Outfits decorated with colorful blends and mixes. Clothing attire sleek, stylish, and unique. A fierce walk down the runway with a pose followed by a camera flash from photographers. Bright lights hovering over the runway.  Suits, dresses, and designer clothing worn by audience members sitting front row. A reserved seat section for front row seats.

One person after another dressed up in various attire representing the clothing brand. The eyes of the audience is glazed on the clothing and walk of the person. The venue for the fashion was the Rotunda at Mercy College Dobbs Ferry Campus.

The spotlight were glamour, luxurious, and glowing brighter than ever. A 7 pm starting time to open up the show had the feeling of a prime time television show season premiere.

The hype surrounding the fashion show was intense. Before the show even started the line to get in was overwhelming. The seats were fully occupied by people who purchased their tickets in advance.

On Friday April 17th, 2016, Mercy College held its annual Fashion Show in the Rotunda of the Dobbs Ferry Campus. The President of Mercy College Timothy Hall was front row with his wife watching the fashion show. The Rotunda was filled to capacity with students, staff, and outside guest. Around 7 pm the Fashion show started, the host took the stage to hype up the crowd to get the show started. Music was played during each brand’s fashion walk display. The Cabbiean Student Association club at Mercy College hosted the Fashion show.

The price for a ticket was 5 bucks. However a ticket with food was 7$ bucks. Around 8:30 pm the intermissions mark of the fashion show began. Food was served to everyone who purchased a 7$ ticket.

Each clothing line had models presenting their brand for about five to ten minutes. Audience took pictures as each model entered the runway.

Models stride down the runway in confidence as the audience cheered on. Photographers zoom and focus in as each model poses.

The presentation of each clothing brand was professional. After all the models for each clothing brand were finished walking the runway, the owner of the brand was interviewed by the hosts of the fashion show. Most designers of each clothing brand answered clearly and explained in detail what their brand is and what is tans for. You could hear the passion and love to have their clothing showed at a big venue.

The appreciation audience gave each designer after their interview told the story of how creative the clothing lines were. Certain audience members even asked designers of clothing lines where can they purchase their product and for their contact information.

The line for food was massive. People stood on line for food for over 15 minutes. Food served was Caribbean based. Curry chicken scent was polluting through the rotunda. Jerk Chicken, Stew chicken, Oxtail, peas & rice, and mini beef patties were available to eat. People rushed out of their seats to stand up in line for food. As audience wanted to be served they were talking about how good the food smelt.

Refreshments served include can sodas and Poland spring water. People were grubbing down the Caribbean food that was given to them.  Everyone’s plate was full at first. A few minutes late their plate was completely empty.  “The food was delicious and stuffing “says Denzel Walters.

After the intermission section of the show, live performance by a dance crew was seen. The audience cheered on as youths stepped and grooved their way on the runway. The step team followed as they stepped at the edge of the runaway as the audience were jumping out of their seats. The crowd was entertained as they snap chatted the live performances by the dance and step team.

The fashion show concluded with the hosts thanking the crowd for coming out to support the designers and models on the runway.  The fashion show sure was a success with the amount of audience who were present to support and cheer on the models and designer’s clothing line.

The location for the fashion show proved to be the right destination with the amount of space available to setup a runway for models to walk across. The outpouring of audience support proved that having a fashion show is intriguing to students, the public, and community of Mercy College.

The success and support of people for this year’s fashion show should contribute to a bigger venue for next year’s show. Perhaps Mercy can catch the attention of established designers to showcase their clothing brand at next year’s fashion show.