Time Management: Make it or Break it


Although college may be difficult no matter what the major, difficulty is rarely the problem. The real issue is time management. No matter how hard a class is or how long it takes a student to do the assignment for that class, the problem isn’t the class itself – the problem is how one manages his or her time.

Managing time in college is a very useful way to keep on top of a student’s priorities while in school. It allows the student to keep track of his or her work that they need to do along with social activities, study time, sleep schedules and alone time.

Managing one’s time gives that student a greater chance of being more productive, and may even relieve quite a good bit of stress. One can achieve time management by planning a week or even month ahead in an agenda. One could even keep a calendar on the wall to constantly remind oneself of upcoming tasks that need to be done.

In college, there is a huge amount of stress that constantly lingers above students and one has to figure out a way to evenly distribute their plans to lower that high amount of stress. 

On an average weekday, college students sleep at least 8 hours, study for 3.5 hours and interact socially during free time for four hours. All of this time could be much more organized if managing time correctly.

Evan Landau, class of 2020 claimed, “I create a mental schedule to use my time in the most efficient way possible.”

Most of his weekly planning is spent completing  his homework schedule, and he worries about the rest after his work is finished.

Other people have different perspectives on how different forms of time management works for them.

Maddie Ross, class of 2020 stated, “I make a schedule week by week to determine what I have to do each day.”

Taking it week by week is easier for her because she is able to know what she has to do ahead of time instead of waiting when it comes down to the wire and it may be too late. Ross claimed that she also makes lists and writes everything down in a planner. When she completes an assignment, she crosses it out and moves on to the next.

When asked what she spends most of her time managing and planning, she pointed out that most of her time is spent planning for classes instead of activities. To Ross, school is before any other activity.

 “Nothing is too difficult for me when it comes to managing time in school because of how well my planning strategy works.”

Devin Boyd, a junior, gave a statement on how he manages time. “ I write down assignments for the week, and when I finish something, I cross it out, and it gives me a sense of completion.”

Boyd feels as if over the three years that he’s been in college, managing time becomes just another task that one has to do everyday, and it gradually gets easier. Obviously, most people have quite similar ways of managing their time in school, yet everyone has their own ways to stay on top of their priorities and do it with ease.

In college, time management is extremely useful and could make or break your college experience, it would be incredibly useful to use your own methods of time management in your college career.