Flu Season Dangerous and Difficult To Predict, Experts Say

Flu Season Dangerous and Difficult To Predict, Experts Say

This flu virus is very dangerous this season and is causing many people to be ill or to die. There is not an exact number of people that is has killed, according to the CDC, but concerns this season has been higher than most.

“The flu is so bad. The CDC tracks the flu every year. It spreads easily, for example if someone coughs and doesn’t cover their mouth,” said nurse practitioner, Hopeton Morris.

The CDC, also known as The Center for Disease Control and Prevention tracks, observes, and estimate the amount of influenza illnesses, medical and hospital visits, and the influenza shots.

The flu is a respiratory illness that can affect people of all ages. There  are three different types of the flu: Influenza A, B or C virus. The two that cause seasonal epidemics of disease most winters in the United States is the influenza A or B. The C virus cause a mild and don’t seem to form epidemics. The flu can be mild or severe, according to CDC.

The flu can be spread from six feet away from another individual. During the incubation period, the virus takes to build up and slowly cause symptoms  to the body. It is one to four days with the average being two days. After that period, it is hard for the body can’t fight it alone, according to CDC.

Most feel the influenza vaccine must be administered every year. “It’s not a 100 percent cure. There are different strains of the flu. They have to prepare a year in advance.It’s hard to predict which strain it will be,” according to NP Morris.

The process to figuring which vaccines to create is a long process. During the 365 days in the year, 142 national  influenza centers in 113 different countries collect information and monitor the strains on the different flu viruses that is affecting people all over the world. They have to observe how the strains are spreading and how the vaccines from the years before helped to target those viruses, according to Scientific American.

The centers have to send their results to one of five World Health Organization Collaborating Centers for Reference and Research on Influenza. The five are CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, the National Institute for Medical Research in London, UK, the Victoria Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia, the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Tokyo, Japan, and the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, China. They all have to meet and to analyze all the data together to try to predict which of the strains will spread and cause illness for the following year.

“It’s like playing chess or Russian roulette with predicting the flu. It’s very hard and complicated,” said Morris.

“My daughter had it. As soon as she told me she wasn’t feeling good, I told my wife to bring her to the hospital. It didn’t last long because they gave her antibiotics and it was still early in the stage,” said Michael Paul, a New York resident

Morris feels that some of the information reported by the media are not accurate.

“The news media heighten the number of cases of people that die from the flu. People can die from the flu but in rare cases. The flu may exacerbate the problems people have making them already compromised,” saidMorris.

The flu virus affects younger children, older adult and  people with health issues more. For example asthma, heart diseases, or diabetes. The flu infection can help to cause serious complications, hospitalization, or death, according to CDC.

“There immune system isn’t really developed yet or their very old and their immune system is not working right,” said Morris.

There are some ways people can help to prevent the flu. People should take the flu vaccine, wash hands often, wipe down surfaces, and try to avoid being near people that are sick. Although, it cannot guarantee that you won’t get the flu, it is helps to take the appropriate steps.

“There is a misunderstanding that the flu vaccine causes you to get sick and that is not true. While it is a virus, it is mild and does not cause you to get the flu. I recommend everyone take the flu shot,” said Morris.

“My advice to people is people is not to joke around with that flu,” said Paul. “Once you notice you’re not feeling good, run to the doctor. It’s dangerous, and can take your life.”