Thanksgiving Dinner Allows Mercy ‘Family’ To Dine Together


Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. A time to share a good meal with dear family and friends. A time to count your blesses over a lovely meal of turkey, mashed potatoes gravy and cranberry sauce.

And that meal can occur with “family” members that students have made while attending college.

On Nov. 20, Mercy College held its own annual Thanksgiving dinner for all the students and staff to celebrate together. Students from the Bronx, Manhattan, Dobbs Ferry, New Rochelle, as well as a variety of International students all gathered to celebrate the holiday.

They also collaborated with the Mav Market this year,  collect canned goods and non-perishable food items which will be donated to stock the Food Pantries at the Bronx, Dobbs Ferry, and Manhattan Campuses. They encouraged students and staff to give back as they celebrated with a hot meal.

Student life had live musical performances along with their full course meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, stuffing, bread rolls, and cranberry sauce. Along with dessert apple, pumpkin, and pecan pie. This lovely meal was served by Mercy staff themselves from Pact Mentors to carrier advisors to professors who attended the students with a grin on their faces.

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Nick Canzano, greeted students with smiles and spoon full of mashed potatoes, conversing with students and advising them to visit his office if they have any trouble.

President Tim Hall made an appearance to greet the students that arrived for their meal.

“This is an event where we celebrate our thankfulness to all of our Mercy students, from all campuses and all backgrounds I hope they enjoyed it,” Hall said with a smile.

Friends gathered in excitement for their fresh meal waiting to be seating at nicely fall decorated orange tables under the big screen of a fire place.

“This is a good way to unite people from the school, we have students from the Bronx, Dobbs Ferry, and Manhattan, as well as international students and we, are all sharing one meal together,” Bronx student Jimmy Cedeno said.

Celdeno sat with his friend, Orlando DeJesus, and loved the family atmosphere.: “This event is a good way to become a part of the Mercy family, as well as getting a free dessert.”

Dobbs Ferry freshman, Mia Scanu, loved her experience at her first Thanksgiving dinner on campus.

“This event was a good way for me to get involved in the Mercy community and met new people. I also think it’s a good way to give back to the people who need it on campus who are away from home, I already met so many people from different campuses that I wouldn’t get the chance to met otherwise.

Luis Cameron, the student assistant director, organized this event along with his team to make the holiday season for Mercy students enjoyable as well as bringing the students together.

“I wanted to accomplish three things with this event. The first was to inform students that something happening on campus that students can engage to socialize. The second is that Mercy gives back to its own community we have collaborated with the Mav Market team to create a food pantry and an opportunity for students to donate canned products for our food pantries. The third is that we love to have fun and come together as a community and a family and we strive to bring people together.”

Bellys were filled and washed down with canned sodas and lots of pie. The students quickly licked their plates cleaned and ended the night socializing and laughing, leaving with new friends from different campuses. The way Thanksgiving was meant to be, celebrating friendship over a nice hot meal.