Miscommunications Dominate Senior Experiences

Mercy College seniors have continued to express frustrations recently due to a lack of information regarding senior activities.

Before a senior can graduate, they must register first. Many students did not get a notification for registration until four days before the due date. Some stated that they did not receive the email from their advisors, only hearing about registration through other seniors who said that they received it through a third party.

On a Monday, Feb. 10, was the “100 Days Until Graduation” celebration. Taking place at the Hudson View Cafe, they gave out cupcakes and free Mercy bracelets. There was no mention of the Senior Portrait event taking place on the same day.

In front of Student Life in Hudson Hall, students were supposedly sent an email about the event and were supposed to pick a time slot for their portraits. If seniors did not take their pictures that day, they would have to wait until April.

Seniors that were at the picture day stated that they did not receive any email. One student mentioned that she saw the email in her spam folder while looking for something else.

“If I did not look in my spam folder, I probably would not have known about this. I saw it and sent it to my friends so they could sign up for their pictures too.”

The line for pictures was nonexistent. “Few people came to take their pictures. It was a light day,” stated one photographer.

Seniors passed by the event in confusion. The popular statement that was repeated was “That was today?”

The Senior Toast took place later that same day. If it was not for her best friend, Kaitlin, Desiree Thomas would not have been at the event that evening. Thomas said she found out about both the pictures and the toast not only last-minute but from her best friend.

“I’m going to take my pictures in April. If I knew in advance, I could have got my hair and nails done.”

The number of people at the event was nowhere near the number of seniors in the graduating class. Students that were interviewed at the event said that they found out a few minutes before they showed up through other friends.

One host of the toast heard about the senior confusion and he responded with “Well, did you look at the school calendar?”

Some students have admitted that they do not look at the calendar for the events. They looked at the picture.

Some students who are not even seniors have stated that they received emails about senior events, and they’re not even seniors themselves.

“I got an email about a campus food survey, but I am not getting anything about senior events.”