Cannabis Forum Held at Mercy Manhattan


If you’re going to do it, time to learn how to do it legally. 

CERTiFi by Mercy College hosted a  Cannabis Forum at Mercy College’s Manhattan Campus early this month. The forum, focused on cannabis education, aims to equip the community with the knowledge and tools to navigate the cannabis industry as New York is looking to move forward with the recreational cannabis market.

The Cannabis Control Board is expected to meet on Nov. 21 to potentially approve the first set of Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary licenses, Axel Bernabe of the Office of Cannabis Management said at the Business of Cannabis conference in New York City.

Cannabis skills are in demand. The cannabis industry has created almost half a million jobs in the United States. Yet, there is a shortage of qualified professionals exist. It is also filled with opportunities for people of all different backgrounds. CERTiFi by Mercy College now offers the highest quality non-credit university certificates with focused instruction from top experts in the cannabis industry.

President of the leading cannabis education provider Green Flower, Gil Christie, said, “I am delighted and proud to be partnering as an organization with Mercy and CERTiFi. They have been the most forward-looking education institutions we’ve partnered with.”

Christie sees an opportunity for anyone who is looking to have success in the cannabis business. There isn’t a single recognized pathway within the industry. This allows CERTiFi by Mercy College and Green Flower to construct a credential framework to navigate through the cannabis industry.

The four certificate programs students are being offered are cannabis healthcare and medicine, the business of cannabis, cannabis agriculture and horticulture, and cannabis compliance and risk management. Each program has three courses that are eight weeks. They are 100 percent online but are instructor lead.

Students develop a portfolio of case studies and projects that they can use to demonstrate their sector-specific cannabis knowledge.

The program offers a certificate that gives priority ranking on careers in cannabis and access to the GF Institute Employer Network.

The Employer Network was created to connect certificate holders with the top companies in the legal cannabis industry as well as access to virtual career fairs. These fairs provide career-specific information and insights from employers and industry insiders.

Founding director of Cannabis NYC and the Forum’s keynote speaker focused on New York City’s cannabis initiative.

Dasheeda Dawson believes, “New York City will be the cannabis capital of the world due to the market.”

To avoid previous mistakes, like missing the mark on business and science, the courses being offered through CERTiFi by Mercy focus on skills that will land jobs within the industry.

While gaining advanced skills and knowledge to excel in these fields within the cannabis industry, there is a range of topics that will be studied.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Agent Certificate

The business of cannabis extraction, product development, formulation and plant ensemble, extraction processes and principles, product safety, packaging and labeling, pest control, product testing, storage and more.

  • Advanced Cultivation Technician Certificate

The business of cannabis cultivation, botany and genetics of the cannabis plant, seeds, germination, cloning, light sources, pests, disease and threat management, irrigation, product safety, packaging and labeling, storage, and more.

  • Advanced Dispensary Associate Certificate

The history and botany of the cannabis plant, cannabinoids, terpenes, and the Endocannabinoid System, as well as health and safety training, best security procedures, inventory tracking, the importance of documentation and recordkeeping, and product safety.

The event also included moderated panels in which industry leaders and legislators will discuss equity and entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry. Panelists included Carlene Pinto from Latinas Grow; Coss Marte from ConBody; Jeffrey Starr, a medical cannabis educator; Luis Merchan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Flora Growth Corporation; Mary Pryor, Cannaclusive; Phillip Ellison from The Harlem Convening; Raziq Seabrook from the NYS Cannabis Chamber of Commerce; Regina L. Smith from the Harlem Business Alliance; Von Franklin from 500 Men Making a Difference; representatives from local government and more.

CERTIFi by Mercy College is designed for all types of learners. Whether one has a college degree, wants to further a career without one, or is looking to advance skills and gain credentials vital in today’s workforce, CERTIFi has a program that can help students get moving.

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