STEM Ready Teams Up With Mercy College

STEM Ready Teams Up With Mercy College

STEM Ready is supplying Mercy with incredible opportunities past the end of this semester.  On May 30, the first session of the summer research institute will occur and end on June 23.

The grant that gave Mercy panel discussion opportunities and “Forsenic’s Day” continues to give to our institution to help sects of students attain STEM degrees. With the upcoming Summer Research Institute (SRI).

Stem Ready is a U.S. Department of Education HSI Title III Part F grant-supported initiative. It is funded from Oct. 1, 2021, through Sept. 30, 2026. When Mercy was originally awarded the grant five years ago it was described as a thrilling experience. It was highlighted in the Campus News by the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the total at the time helping all of the programs conducted this year. For the five-year Stem program, a total of over 4 million will be dispersed and with each year the grant makes so much more possible.  Including students maintaining their excellent averages and their good academic standing with an expected increase in graduation rates. More of this support has caused only caused the talent pool of diversity to deliver more innovation.

The Stem Ready Grant is for increasing the amount Hispanic and low-income students seeking Mercy’s Stem degrees. HSI Title III is of The Federal Department of Education Hispanic-Serving Institutions Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics and Articulation Programs. Specifically, Title III, Part F grant aids HSIs with these numbers. The Stem Ready Grant operates under a Team of professionals. From Program Director Dean Stuart Sidle to the Mercy Faculty Activity Directors under the STEM Ready Program.

Forensics Day was ‘Crime Solving with STEM’, the murder mystery on the Dobbs Ferry campus on April 29. DNA analysis, Computer forensics analysis, psychological profiling, and a free lunch gave students a remarkable combination and experience. It asked Mercy students to use their knowledge and investigative tools given by their major or their interests. Stem ready funded and supported the event, even bringing in high school STEM students.

The organization has three goals with connected activities to accelerate the success and learning of the students. Goal one consists of redesigned courses to embed different practices to assist students. The high-impact approach of Project-based Learning gives students chances to work in-depth on real-world problems with what was achieved in the classroom.

Every spring, PBL members have training and stem courses. The other related activity is Metacognition the awareness of one’s thought processes with a growth mindset to deal with the opposite. Research has proven that this deposition helps with dealing with challenges and failure. the Metacognition Fellowship appearing at Mercy College-sponsored events.

Goal two centers around providing stem students with close education encounter with employers with necessary training and career opportunities. It connects not just Mercy with the SUNY Westchester Community College (WCC), but students wanting both a Mercy STEM major and a four-year STEM degree.

The initiative builds a bridge between Mercy and WCC students even before enrollment. It allows prospective students to apply to both schools simultaneously, thanks to the Dual Admissions Pathway Agreement. Requiring only Mercy acceptance and an A.S. or A.A degree from WCC to become a junior student at Mercy. Further work by finishing closely monitored micro-credential modules gives them a chance at internship stipends supported by the Stem ready grant.

Mercy offers six STEM majors: Mathematics, Biology, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Computer Information Science, and Psychology.

This grant assists with them and the transfer pipeline between Mercy College and WCC. It also supplies students directly working with faculty on weeks-long research projects based within these majors with stipends for the Summer Research Institute. But this heavy connection does not end when students report their findings to the college community, they may be presented at professional conferences.

The Summer Research Institute is open to research-orientated STEM students It desired students, regardless of the campus with one of the STEM Majors. The first session of the SRI operates from May 30 to June 23.

Then Session Two, July 10 to August 4. After finishing the four-week programs, the participating students are eligible for a $1,200 stipend. These projects operate either completely in person or operating in a hybrid setting. Accessible through the SUNY Westchester Community College’s Valhalla Campus or any Mercy College Campuses.

Mercy College believes that if the colleges were more open, so would the minds of many others. Stem Ready represents that belief as its responsibility. Stem Ready brings new opportunities for all kinds of people to gain all kinds of degrees.

That the impacts that they leave will change the world. The belief is the basis of everything they do. Their mission and mantra reach out to people wanting a more open world, opening the right doors for them. So when they step on to graduation they can enter Stem-related industries. Graduates stand out in their talent pool driving whatever sector they work within to new heights of success and inclusivity. The day-to-day jobs have more than people who know the machines, people who can contribute and attribute to the popular and fast-growing industry.

Stem Ready supports those who build the next steps, relieving them of burdens and limitations and giving them proud responsibilities.