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    Steven WitteMar 29, 2012 at 12:08 pm


    I share your concerns about the use of the library space. Mercy has made a deliberate move to make the library more of a social space where people can work together, which seems to be a trend in academia, and a product of the consumer/business model of college. My wife often sits in the library to wait for me to finish teaching a course or a meeting, and she constantly tells me how disruptive and noisy the library can be. She has seen card games, loud and very vulgar language, students groping each other, lots of video games and music, as well as large congregations of students. I’m not sure where the ‘tipping point’ will be reached regarding what is really appropriate for this shared resource space, but I think we may have already missed it. All I can suggest is that the concerns are offered to the Library Commons staff. If the current situation is rejected by most students, the school will be forced to re-evaluate this situation.

    …or you can always go to your local library…

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