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    Michael PerrotaApr 23, 2012 at 10:39 pm


    Thank you for your concerns in regard to the article, “A House Divided: Losing Season Causes Frustration Off The Hardwood.”
    It has been suggested by the letter above and other members of the athletic department that this story originated when a series of basketball players contacted The Impact. In reality, the coach was contacted initially for a season-ending wrap up. She was fully aware that she was conducting an on-the-record interview and volunteered the information. There is never intent to write a controversial article.
    In regard to the biased accusation, the coach is quoted five times and attributed several times. The complaint about a one-sided story is, in our opinion, unfounded. This letter also accuses of not giving the coach an opportunity to respond to the comments made about her by her players, when in fact, it was the coach that initially made comments about her players, not the other way around. The players were given the opportunity to respond to her comments and criticisms.
    Athletic Director Patricia Kennedy has expressed her concerns about this article and disputes that parents complained to her about Coach Dunlay. The Impact followed up with these players and they did not change their stance or allegations.
    Players’ confidentiality was allowed by the editorial staff. After editors met with the basketball players, we understood their concerns that the backlash of this article could create tension with their standing on the team next season. The Impact is fully aware of the players’ identities; at no point was this article written via faceless texts or message board posts as you would suggest.
    As a news organization, our job is to report the facts as they are presented to us. In sports, college players and coaches banter. At times, this spills into the media. Some teams heal and take it as motivation. Other teams rip each other part. We wish the program the best of luck and a healthy season in October of 2012.
    – The Impact Staff

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