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    Steven WitteJul 27, 2012 at 5:45 pm


    I teach the FRSM and JRSM each semester, and one point that you missed is that many teachers reinforce the lack of reading by how they conduct their class time. If a teacher spends the class teaching the content that students should be reading in their texts, students learn quickly that they do not need to read to obtain this information. Going over basic learning points in the class reinforces this lack of reading habit that teachers should seek to encourage in students. I find that when I do not cover these points in class, students will initially find themselves out of their comfort zones, but eventually, they realize that they need to come to class prepared, or the class time will not be productive for them. This has drawn some resentment in students, who often have an expectation that teachers will provide everything that students need. Good students will rise to the challenge, but students who expect to be spoonfed the material will often find themselves ‘catching up’ for the entire semester.

    How many of your teachers teach you what is contained in your textbooks? Shouldn’t they have a realistic expectation that students will read what is needed BEFORE they come to class, so that class time can be used to use this information and apply it?


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