OP/ED: United We Stand But Divided We Fall

“We the people, by the people, for the people.” The opening statement in our Constitution created by our founding fathers. These men made sure the people of the United States of America were the top priority when dealt with passing laws, fighting wars, and the making this nation’s independence.

Today I am afraid the people we look to for guidance are turning their back on us. This is because our education system is corrupted, our views on politics are divided, and after four years in a recession our economy is still at a low percentage. Furthermore, I can firmly say the U.S. that Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt had fought for is now not the best country in the world.

In the opening scene of Newsroom, Will McAvoy a journalist educates a crowd of college students by saying, “We are seventh in literacy, 27 in math, 22 in science, and third in income.” Have we lost our pride?

I have walked on this earth long enough to understand why our country has become this way. I am stating my viewpoints from where we stand as a nation divided. These are my opinions and what I have witnessed on television. So let’s get started. One more thing, if you do not like what I am going to say well too bad.

The U.S. has lost its pride because we export than import. For an example, this past Summer Olymipics our uniforms were created by China. This was reported on the local news stations and radio shows. This upsets me because not only do we rely on China to make our clothes, phones, and equitment we rely on them to represent us as well.

One issue is education. No, I am not going to talk about our nations’ math and science percentages. I am going to talk about my generation and the next. When I say my generation, I mean college students who have graduated or going to graduate that are looking for jobs. Twelve million people are either out of work or looking for work. Students are struggling to find jobs in order to achieve their career goal, start another chapter in their lives, or their parents have been laid off they have become the head in their families. In all three of these ways we are the new generation because we determine the outcome of our future president. In regard to education, does the modern student even care about these numbers? Are they aware of how competitive the job market is? Are they willing to take advantage of the opportunity at hand and to earn an education and better themselves.

Most, i feel, do not.

Before I get into politics, I want to address our next generation: Middle school kids. Why are they important you ask? Well, these kids are the future working force of our nation.

There is a cartoon I’ve seen that shows two drawings. On one said there is a boy with his parents and his teacher. The parents are upset with their child’s grades, they agree with the boy’s teacher. On the other side the parents of the boy are scolding his teacher. One drawing is from 1960 the other 2012. You decide which one is which.

If I have gone overboard with our education I am satisfied, because these kids’ education is extremely important. They are our nation’s future and we need to set an example for them so that they can enable themselves in jobs, in the economy, and in their own lives as well as ours.

Now to what I believe is the most talked about, watched about and studied about issue, our political campaign. Four years ago, Barack Obama became the 44 President of the U.S. This was not like any other presidential election, this was history in the making. I say this because Obama was the nation’s first African-American. I for one voted for Obama and I believed he would help us out of this recession we created. Four years have gone by and we have seen the birth of Obama care, Obama’s Birth certificate, stated that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were over, and the elimination of Osama Bin Laden.

Now before Democrats get upset, I am not a Republican or a conservative. I am an independent who appreciates what Obama has done, but who is still waiting for more. Obama said he would decrease the unemployment rate to fewer than eight percent in his term. The unemployment rate has gone down to 7.8 percent, however is this a result of discourage workers or has there been a light and the end of this dark tunnel?

For me one of the biggest reasons why our nation is divided is our nation’s ignorance. Ignorance in this case is not bliss, it’s downright wrong. Do you remember the natural disaster that broke our nation in 2005? Hurricane Katrina ripped through the festive and entertaining New Orleans. The aftermath was simply disgraceful. Hundreds of thousands of people where either fighting for their lives or already dead. Those who do not know the vast majority of people living in New Orleans, the city is mostly populated with African-Americans. President George Bush and the Louisiana government didn’t reach out and help unit weeks after the hurricane. I bet if Katrina had landed in Texas, Bush would have been on a plane the next day.

Racism is something that will probably never end, but we as a nation we need to come together and support one another not just through hard times, but through good times. Doing so, I bet my bottom dollar this will unite our nation.
Denial has gotten us nowhere.

The first part to addressing the problem, is to understand that there is a problem.