OP/ED: Pop Culture Is Sinking Us

OP/ED: Pop Culture Is Sinking Us

Long are the days when popular culture meant positive activities or commercial products reflecting, and aimed at the likes of the American population.


These days, television and radio are allowing people to push false truths, negative ideas and both harmful mental and physical images.


I hate what the world has become, and how celebrities play a part in feeding stereotypes and ugly images into the lives of today’s youth.


Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, regardless of one having talent and the other not, are reasons why this generation lacks morals, values and lacks true self esteem. Not only do they put out the wrong ideas about body images, but they give the word “beauty” a false definition. They promote body parts that should be sacred, and not flaunted, to the whole world.


Kim is known for her sex tape, and capitalizing off of her body and plastic surgeries.


Many young girls have idolized that and as a result, eighty-one percent of 18 to 25-year-olds surveyed in a Pew Research Center poll and said getting rich is their generation’s most important or second-most-important life goal; 51 percent said the same about becoming famous.


The generations are less interested in working hard and living valuable lives, but are focused on material wealth, and getting it by being provocative.


Miley Cyrus was a good role model for children, even my nieces loved Hannah Montana. But now all the Disney girls were going bad, and shedding there good girl images, they forgot the impact it would have on their fans. It’s showing them that in order to grow up, you have to steer from your morals, values and innocence.


These days celebrities who sit on their behinds or lay on their backs are more respected than political and community leaders.


Celebrity females that are in the spotlight of entertainment and television only speak on how to look good, or how to have fun. They never discuss the power of knowledge, or that without education and morals, she will never be respected in the corporate or pop world.


Kim Kardashian is a mother and a wife, yet she poses nude for magazines and gives young girls ideas that the only way to truly be beautiful is to put on tons of makeup and a tight dress and get whatever attention you want. Only it is not just any attention, it is the wrong attention.


I grew up in the ‘90s, a time when we had plenty of great women to look up too, and men had plenty of women to want to marry or just be smitten with their intellect and drive to be something bigger than a video vixen. I was able to listen to Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Brandy, En Vogue and other women who didn’t have to take off their clothes to sell albums, magazines or anything.


I was taught to never rely on good looks or a good physique; I am worth more than that. But a lot of these girls need to hear the same advice because they have relied on beauty and booty to the point where now they don’t have anything else to offer.


These days, celebrities like Nicki Minaj make young girls believe that having a big butt and plastic features will get them praised by males, and boys are being fed the idea that women should only be used or important because of their sexual features.


So as a result the future generations of males and females will be over sexualized and worth nothing. Celebrity females use their platforms on television to promote themselves, their racy lifestyles and opinions; however, it is not something positive. Television shows like Love and Hip Hop, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Housewives saga and “Bad Girls Club depict women to be dramatic, brainless, and sex symbols.


They always spend their air time showing that drinking, fighting, spitting, drink throwing, having random sexual activity and getting foolish tattoos, as if that is to be admired.


Television networks put images of female strippers, internally unstable people, and drug addicts on television and call it pop culture.


They even celebrate it on award shows, by singing songs about those issues and giving more time and attention to these topics, and then they feed children with it.


I guess my problem isn’t with Kim or any other idiotic fame whores, my problem is with pop culture, or the sorry excuse of it. They label it with anything.


If Justin Bieber gets a haircut and swims around a swamp, it’s called pop culture. Doing nothing seems to mean everything, and that is a problem.


The amount of brain cells I’ve lost watching Jersey Shore is uncomprehending, yet I kept watching. I can only speak for myself, but I know that I speak for others when i say, “There is nothing else on,” However, that is the problem, people still watch and don’t stand up for the cause by decreasing ratings. I can admit, i am guilty of it too.


Television is swarmed with meaningless, cell snatching, garbage. I can tell what’s not worth watching and what is. However, young teen boys and girls, can’t or won’t.


This generation doesn’t know what it’s like to feel pride in going to school every day, getting good grades and actually pursuing careers in the paths they study.


Instead television and those on it have made everyone lazy and not willing to go above the norm. Some do, but fall short because of lack of confidence or they conformed to what sells.


The young women who aspire to be like these “celebrities” do not understand what a real woman is supposed to be, and the boys that gawk, don’t know the true value of a woman, and only know how to treat females like pieces of meat.


I can’t walk down the street without seeing young girls with foul mouths, tight clothing that shows every nook and cranny of their bodies and demean the idea of what a woman is supposed to represent.


Of course in the past, men and women weren’t perfect. Everyone wasn’t a saint, but they didn’t expose themselves for recognition and money the way people of this generation do.


Call me old fashioned, but I believe hard work, dedication and values has given me success and will give me longevity in my business life.


My body is not something to be rated, gawked at or even treated as my only asset.


The males and females of this generation and future generations will be ignorant if they do not know the value of self -worth.


Ladies are more than their bra size, and the males need to know that in order to respect their future wives, they have to stop the cycle. If they don’t, their future generations will just be pawns in a false land of fake people.


Fake butts, breasts, and personalities should be a memory of the past. Pop culture is making a mockery of our faux Americans way. I hope everyone will wake up and realize what we are losing as a society.