Indulge in The Devil a Little Bit.

But only on Monday Nights.


I’m always looking for another show to watch and basically obsess over. So I’ve been looking for a show to watch that is new and not on Netflix. When I find shows on Netflix (that are good) I tend to binge watch them.

I found myself just scrolling and browsing through Netflix lately rather than actually watching something. I realized it was time to actually watch something on TV and give different shows some good ratings.

I think I may have found what I have been looking for. Fox always seems to be coming out with new shows, but they don’t seem to last for more than a season normally. I have a different feeling about this one.

Now, the title may throw you off just a bit, but bear with me. The new show I am loving at the moment is entitled Lucifer. Yes Lucifer, as in…the Devil.

I can hear the audience now, “Another show dealing with the devil, cmon.” Bear with me. It’s actually pretty good.

The pilot episode premiered January 25th, and I have to say at first I was a bit hesitant but overall it was well written and full of humor.

The show has gotten flack for its title and premise before it even aired, which I understand to a certain extent, a show about the devil really?

But I mean at least give it a shot. Just because it has to do with the devil doesn’t mean its all-bad right?

Maybe that’s just me. After all I watch a show where the fans are excited when Lucifer comes back. Or maybe they just want to see that actor on the show again. Who knows with the fangirl minds of Supernatural.

Anyway, back to the show. I loved the way they opened up. The writers cleverly stated in the opening credits, that God condemned Lucifer to hell for all eternity to rule hell, but then he got bored and he decided to take a vacation to be an owner of a nightclub. Who knew the devil was able to take a vacation.

The first thing we see is Lucifer speeding down LA to his nightclub while “No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant plays and gets pulled over. The first thing he does is take money out to bribe the officer. Such a devil move.

The character Lucifer Morningstar has this way of making everyone confess his or her deepest darkest desires (which is how he got out of his parking ticket). It manages to work on everyone except the cop, Chloe Decker that is put on the case, and that seems to fascinate him.

The writers very cleverly depict him as very cocky and very full of himself. I mean he is the devil after all. The script for every episode is very well written so far and the character has some pretty funny and witty lines. I’m still in shock at some of the lines he actually said.

For example he literally told a girl in elementary school, who was a bully, that they have a special place for people like her in hell.

Who tells a child they are going to hell. Well, I guess Lucifer.

Throughout the show he seems to loose his immortality, and gain humanity. In the pilot episode Lucifer gets shot six times in the back and doesn’t get affected by the bullets.

In the show he has this charm that somehow makes you like this character and be on his side.

His demeanor changed within the last few episodes, after the pilot episode, he keeps going back to this psychologist, for other main reasons, but as well as to talk about his feelings, and what’s bothering him.

This show is much more funny than one may expect. You would think that a show based on the devil would be more serious. Nope. Not this show. The wittiness and snarkiness of Lucifer Morningstar makes the show more enjoyable than anyone would think.

The script of this show is great, but the special effects are its own category in this show. The best effect I think is the slow motion effect. This tends to happen when someone from mostly the underworld comes to tell Lucifer to come back to his throne in hell.

But of course Lucifer says that he won’t go back and that he has taken a permanent vacation.

When an angel of hell pops up everything including time, slows down. I found that pretty cool.

This show doesn’t take any time to explain what the plot is; it just jumps right into it. Which I appreciate, usually the show takes a few episodes to get started up and takes time to explain what is supposed to happen. That’s why most people don’t like watching brand new shows.

Even though many people don’t want to watch television and wait a whopping seven days to watch a new episode, I enjoy it.

This show is more funny than dark, despite the title.

So if you’re looking for a new show to watch, step into the darker side and give into the devil a little bit.