The Struggles Of Adulting

The Struggles Of Adulting

A nice relaxing vacation in Hawaii sounds good right about now doesn’t it?

It sounds good to me.

Sitting on the beach in Waikiki, just relaxing with a drink in hand and not having a single care in the world. Sounds fantastically amazing right? Well, unfortunately now it’s back to reality .

That is how I’m sure everyone in college feels at this point. Completely done with everything, and fed up with everyone. Also if you are managing a job and school, which is practically everyone, you are more than done and fed up with all of it.

The amount of schoolwork seems to just keep on piling up by the second. All anyone can see at this point is summer vacation.

It seems as if the minute we got back into the classrooms from spring break, professors just casually wanted to add on to the already tough workload we had before hand.

It’s not easy managing a job and going to school at the same time. Living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make sure all your assignments are in on time as well as making sure you will have water and electricity, and at least some kind of food. Yeah the struggle is real.

Professors seem to be getting upset that we are slipping up and aren’t paying attention. Well, speaking as a college student who is interning, working and attending college full time, we don’t care at this point. We have what, four weeks left of school? It has gotten to the point where we are holding on by the last thread for the next couple of weeks, just so we can pass. We just want to relax before the world actually hits us with the struggle of finding a job in our career choice.

It’s crazy to think that I’m already a junior. I remember my first day walking into Mercy of my freshman year. I felt like I was back in high school, but no one cared what you did or looked like here. It was college. It was the so called “first day of the rest of my life.”

Where does the time go? I mean, yeah it’s a part of growing up, but time needs to slow down just a tad for me to catch up with it.

Before I had a job, school honestly seemed like a breeze. Being able to do my homework assignments whenever I needed to, I got to actually get my full eight hours of sleep, unless it was midterms and finals week. I was actually caught up on life.

Now that I have a job, like most people, none of the things mentioned above are an option, especially sleep. That I’ve heard comes much later in life. Yes, we get the occasional two to three hours of sleep in the early morning, and yes we “adults” say it’s enough to get us through the day, but trust me, it comes back to bite you in the ass. Especially when you have a presentation due the next day and you can barley remember what its even about.

Being an adult who is attending college, and trying to get their life together and figured out in some way is in no way, shape, or form easy. It doesn’t help when there are some professors who talk down to you, or put you down for not doing a good job on your assignments, and telling you that you will get nowhere in life.

So as college students, we try to brush it off and just keep on keepin’ on with our business and try our best. But once we hear that one too many times, it starts to get to us.

Any time I ran into someone older, wether it was at an open house or a distant relative, that was in or already graduated from college, they would always say, “Oh yeah college was a breeze, I knew what I wanted to do from the start. I’m halfway done with everything.”

I was always told, that when you go into college, you had to know what you wanted to do and have it all figured out already. Well, those people were wrong. I had no idea what I was doing when I first came into college. I was walking in blind.

I don’t think it’s fair that when we are in high school, we have to figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Who at age 16 has any idea what they want to do in their life, and have a career all figured out? I know I did not, that’s for sure.

So being told in high school that you have to figure out what major you want to declare on your college applications, and have it done within four years and drive ourselves insane is not fair to anyone. At the age of 16 I was worrying about which dress to wear to a different sweet 16 every other week.

Being an adult in today’s age, is much more complicated because of the way technology is advancing. We are constantly on our phones; people know exactly where we are and what we are doing every minute of the day thanks to any form of social media. It’s not that simple to get a job in our field without being outed on what we did two or three years ago.

For now we need to just keep on trying out best, and do what we know. We have the temporary job, that’s just getting us by until we find the job in our life that takes us on to the right path in life. But until that time comes, we have to get by with that schoolwork that just keeps piling up as well as try and stick through the tough times of our stable job.

We just have to keep hanging on, and keep on keepin’ on and learn how to get through the tough times in life. This is only the beginning of our struggles of adulting. But don’t worry.

We got this.