The Ultimate Supernatural Fan Experience


Driving down an empty pitch black road, with ‘Simple Man’ blasting through the speakers.

At that moment, I was on my way to Whippany, New Jersey to get to the Supernatural Convention for the first time. With my navigation system leading the way, my heart was racing faster by the minute.

As I saw the minutes counting down, I felt myself getting overly hyped. My foot, at one point, pressed the gas pedal so hard, that I didn’t realize I was almost going 100 miles per hour.

Of course I slowed down. But I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

I got to the Marriott, and found the perfect parking spot. As I was walking out of my car, grabbing my bags, I saw the line just to register to enter the convention.

It wrapped around the entire lobby.  

“Holy shit…” I thought to myself.

As I walked through the lobby, I saw more Supernatural fans in one room than I have ever seen before. There is this amazing feeling knowing you won’t be judged for being a fan of something or loving something so much.

I know I talk about Supernatural a lot, but I can’t help myself sometimes. It’s something I’m passionate about and the show has a special place in my heart. It’s just something that I know will always be there for me when I’m feeling down.

Anyway, back to the convention. The line for registration seems to be moving along, but I’m still far away from where I’m supposed to be. The lobby seems so small with everyone all packed standing side by side. Supernatural fans chatting each other up, asking what kind of package they got.

Gold, Silver, Copper?

Then there is the photo op tickets. Who has what photo op.

The J2 sandwich, just Jared, just Jensen. Misha. Richard, Rob and Matt? There are just so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. As the chit chats get longer, the line gets shorter. Closer to where I need to be, to grab my gold pass and go upstairs to catch the newest Supernatural episode that will be on in the next five minutes.

I finally got to the front of the line where I got my pass, got all my tickets and made it just in time for the Supernatural episode. I got comfortable in the amazingly, soft king sized bed at the Marriott, and cozied up to my computer and turned on the television to the CW channel. As the episode came to an end, I went to sleep. I knew I had a long and exciting weekend ahead of me.

Friday morning, I woke up and went downstairs and once again the enormous lobby seemed so small with all the SPN fans lining up just to get in. Once I realized I didn’t need to be in line, I went got myself a cup of coffee, and studied the guide that was handed to us the last night.

So, first was a welcome panel with Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict and his band Louden Swain. Needless to say, I was shaking. Not only because I was so excited to see people that I admire on screen come to life, but also because the AC was blasting to the point that I couldn’t feel my toes.

The time finally came to start the show, and it was the most electric performance I have ever seen. The fans going wild for Louden Swain, excited for Rob to run up and down the aisles to high five a bunch of fans. Then Richard comes out on stage and makes the crowd laugh uncontrollably with his wit and charm.

The panels started off with a few guest stars, you hear a few funny stories, people’s life stories and challenges they went and still go  through, but most of all, you feel the love that is spread across the room.

As the panels come to a close around five in the afternoon, everyone goes back up to their rooms to get ready for one of the best karaoke parties ever. The theme of the night was Game of Tones, a play on the hit television show Game of Thrones. The Karaoke “Kings” Richard and Matt Cohen, come dressed as characters from the hit show, and encourage others to dress the same.

Needless to say, what happens at karaoke night, stays at karaoke night.

After being up for over 14 hours, it was time to go to bed, and try to get some rest for the next day ahead of me.

Saturday morning. My alarm wakes me up at around eight, and I straggle out of bed. I almost lost my voice from screaming song after song at karaoke. Today’s panels were something I did not expect. First up, another great welcome from Rob and Rich,Then Mark Sheppard.

He can be the nicest and most insightful person in the world. But not at the panels. When you go up and ask him a question, he is without a doubt the biggest jerk in the world. He walks around the entire room “answering” the fan questions, as well as randomly asking people sitting down questions, or just poking fun at them.

Next up, one of the funniest panels I have ever witnessed. Richard, Rob, and Matt. Put these three together and you have a comedy trio. Non stop laughs throughout the entire panel. They talked about their lives, as well as other cast members. One of the best parts was having Mark crash the panel, and watch how everyone interacts with each other. The chemistry between everyone is simply amazing. Not one of them judges or hates the other. This cast is full of nothing but love.

And, of course, the last panel of the night, Misha Collins. There is never a dull moment with Misha around. First he told us the story that happened a mere thirty minutes before his panel, at his meet and greet. So Misha started a fire in the forest a few miles away from the hotel we were all staying at. Like I said, never a dull moment.

Misha also loves going through fans phones, and making sexual innuendos left and right. Again, never a dull moment, just full of laughs and love.

Saturday night. Tonight was the Louden Swain concert that was full of singing, dancing, and love. While waiting on line, that wrapped around the hotel lobby as well as past the lobby, I made two of the greatest friends I could have ever asked for.

We bonded with our love for supernatural of course, but as well as other things we had in common. It was one of the greatest feelings knowing that there are other people out there that love what you do.

The concert came to a close with lots of tears and lots of love. I almost lost my voice from screaming lyrics and the words “I love you!” I got to bed at around two in the morning. I had to be up early the next morning, Sunday was one of the best and most memorable days of my life.

Sunday morning. The day has come. I would finally get to meet Jared and Jensen. Even though I had minimal sleep, I sprung out of bed and got dressed. I went downstairs, with my heart pounding, my palms sweating, and suddenly I forget how to breathe.

Since my mom got me the gold pass, I got to go to the exclusive breakfast panel with Jared and Jensen. It may only be thirty minutes, but it was one of the best thirty minutes ever. Just the subtle glance over my way, my heart stopped because the guys looked my way.

They say never meet your heroes. I have to admit, I was nervous to actually meet them. I knew from stories I had heard, they are the sweetest people you will ever meet, but I was still hesitant. After their morning panel was over, it was time for the J2 sandwich photo op.

My heart pounding, not breathing properly; the line getting closer to where they actually are standing. I tell myself to keep it together, but of course, I fall apart, and the second I stand in front of them, I lose it. They squeeze me tight to hug me.

As I walked away with a smile, they said, “See you later sweetheart.”

I died right then and there.

That was only the beginning of the day. Later on, there was their afternoon panel which was full of laughs, love for the fans, and some great stories. It was the last panel of the convention. The crowd scattered, got their autograph tickets and waited in line. We were called row by row. I went to meet up with my friends, and as we were waiting, the boys bodyguard was passing us every few minutes.

Without thinking, I stopped him and said, “The least you could do is take a picture with us, since you keep bumping into us.”

With a smile he said, “Okay, you’re right.”

Time came for me to go meet Jared and Jensen face to face and have t
heir autograph. I went to see Jared first and I asked to have him sign my phone, he gave me a concerned look, but I quickly said,
“I know it’s a weird request, but I’m Polish!”

With a smile he said, “Oh okay then, I love you!”

As I was walking away, he winked at me and said hope to see you soon.

Next up, Jensen. I felt myself tense up and my palms sweat again. The line got shorter, as I got closer, and my heart started pounding, again I felt as if I forgot to breathe again. It was my turn to go up there, and talk to him. I get there and freeze, he called me sweetheart and I lose it once again. He stopped what he was doing, held my hand, and signed my phone.

As I walked away he said, “You’ll be okay, sweetheart.”

I walked away a mess, and my friends came to comfort me, as well as J2’s bodyguard. My friends and I sat for a good two hours just talking to their bodyguard Clif. He talked to us as if he knew us for years. At one point he asked us if we were friends with him on Facebook, as asked us to add him.

He was so sweet, he had to leave soon with Jensen back to Vancouver, and asked us if we wanted to join them. With a smile he said, “You ladies wanna come with, there are three extra seats!”

We laughed and sadly declined. But we told him we would randomly come and visit him. He laughed and told us he was looking forward to it.

As the night came to an end. I went back up to my room. Turned on a Supernatural episode, and went to bed. The next morning, it hit me that I had to go back to school. I stayed to watch Live with Kelly, since Jared was on it, and took one last look at the room, and closed the door behind me. I walked down to the lobby, which now actually looked massive, as it is meant to be. The cast was gone, the fans left. There was an empty feeling in the air.

As I checked out, I looked at the lobby, and simply whispered to myself, “Till next time.”

I put the bags in my car, put in a Louden Swain CD, and drove off back to reality.