Simple changes for a healthy lifestyle

Catherine Mercado, impact staff

Having a busy lifestyle is no excuse for having an unhealthy lifestyle. Simple changes in eating habits, and creating time for minimal exercises, will take you one step closer to being healthy. You can think of a million reasons why not to change your diet and why you shouldn’t make time for exercise. But one motivating reason to begin to take action and begin to cut back on unhealthy eating, is the soon arrival of bikini season.

Spring is here and by the time you know it is summer. Slowly we are stripping away the layers of clothing, and saying goodbye to a brutally cold winter. Wanting to look your best and feel your best this summer will take initiative and self-control. It all begins with replacing soda with water, chips with fruits, and instead of a Big Mac a Salad. It may sound challenging at first, bit with time baby steps will take you a long way. Being healthy has never been easier.

Adding three simple supplements that can make changes in your everyday life. You’ll begin to question why haven’t you started this sooner.


Chia Seeds: For centuries Chia Seeds have been used because of their high nutritional value.  All that chia seeds have to offer, changed my diet, while adding some life to plain snacks. Chia seeds are rich in Protein, Iron, Dietary Fiber and Calcium.

Try this super food in anything you want. The seeds are tasteless, therefor you can benefit by adding them into oatmeal, yogurt, ice-cream, smoothies, cereal, salads, and soups. You can even add chia seeds in your water. Possibilities are endless when it comes to chia seeds. A little sprinkle of seeds can go a long way.


Infused Water: Never underestimate the power water. Water is taken for granted. People argue that water is bland, and they would rather drink a can of soda instead of purchasing a bottle of water. For many people it is a struggle to have 8 cups in one day. Unless you’re engaged in activities throughout the day, it’s less likely that you will have your daily ounces.

One way you can change the lack of water in your life is by adding flavor to it. Fruits don’t only have to be eaten. You can use them in your water and receive twice as many nutrients. Infused water is simple to make and tasteful to drink. Infused water can be made with any kind of fruit. All you have to do is take your fruit of choice slice it up and let it sit in a jug for an hour or two. Immediately you will see the water changing color and the water acquire the taste of fruits.  When making infused water feel free to add more than one fruit. The simplest and most common form of infused water is Lemon and strawberries.

Infused water provides more than taste. It provides your daily needs of Vitamin and minerals. When adding certain ingredients, Infused water can be used as a way to detox. Most important of all infused water will effortlessly keep you hydrated.


Green Tea: The best ways to nurture your body is through natural supplements. Tea is the simplest drink to make and it provides countless antioxidants. Although many prefer three cups of coffee a day in order to stay awake, replace a cup of coffee with a cup of tea. Slowly you will begin to see changes in your body.

The best part about tea is the variety of flavors. Whether you love green tea or chamomile tea, every tea provides its specific beneficial factor for your body. Tea provides physical and internal health. The most common and accessible tea to find is Green Tea. Green tea works as a supplement for weight loss, lower cholesterol, burn fat, relieve stress, and it can lower future risk of cancer and Alzheimer. One thing you may not know about tea is that it also helps clear your skin.

I am all for making changes to my diet as long as it doesn’t hurt my finances. With less than $10 you can buy chia seeds, fruits for infused water and a box of 100 organic green tea bags at Trader Joes.

These simple ways to adjust your lifestyle is just the beginning.  If you want to see changes in your body, begin by cutting out the sweets. Soda and juice is tempting, but make this an opportunity to challenge your mind and practice self-control. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Restrain from unhealthy eating habits for 21 days, and you will begin to notice a difference in your body and energy levels. Avoid chips and candy, a sweet tooth is no excuse to binge on sugar.

Along with additions in your diet, finding active hobbies are one of the healthiest things you can do. Whether you like ride bicycles or do yoga, find something you enjoy doing that requires physical activities. Even if it is once a week, take the time out for yourself and participate in something beneficial for your body and mind.