Picking up Boxing

Picking up Boxing

Catherine Mercado, Impact Staff

Finding a hobby isn’t easy. Finding something your good at is even more challenging. The routine of cardio and weightlifting can sometimes become repetitive and at times it can get boring. The weather is getting nicer, the summer is approaching, and it is time to switch things up.

For all of my life I have watched boxing. When I was young Saturday nights were the nights where no one would disturb my father and uncles as they watched boxing. I never understood what was so entertaining about watching two people beat each other senseless. I thought it was one of the most pointless and fixed sports out there. After studying the sport and attempting to learn my opinion completely changed.

Many who know me know I’m into fitness. I love to do high interval training, and running but after doing that repetitively it becomes boring. I love to keep my workouts entertaining, and I realized what better way to keep myself entertained and still workout is finding a sport and learning it. School was almost over and I was about to have a lot of free time on my hands. It was the best time to try something new. I have always doubted my physical strength because of my height and weight, so I stuck to doing exercises for petite people.


Two weeks ago on a Friday afternoon with no plans I decided to go to the gym for a small workout. I got to there with no intentions of taking a boxing class. Going about my daily routine and workout I couldn’t find a jump rope. Without a jump rope my workout is incomplete. So I approached a trainer in the gym and told him what I needed. To my surprise the trainer I happened to ask is a boxer. He gave me a jump rope and began to give me some tips on how get more out of my workout. Before this had all occurred I was dying to know how to use a punching bag. I’ve always wanted to try a boxing class but never got around it. Getting over my shyness I asked the trainer to teach me the first steps of boxing. Now was the time to take the class I always wanted. It took an unplanned encounter for me to experience firsthand how exciting boxing is. What was supposed to be a 40 min into lesson to boxing became a 2 and a half hour training session. Learning the steps of boxing helped me release more stress in two hours than in anything I’ve done my entire life.

As the trainer wrapped my hands I couldn’t believe I was about to learn something I was always too afraid to try. First thing I was taught was posture and my stance. It was difficult to maintain while trying to throw jabs back and forth. The trainer on no way had mercy on me because of my size. If he ever saw me leaving any space open in my face or my chest I would get punched. But getting hit made me unconsciously aware of keeping my stance. After posture came throwing Jabs. I practiced with my left arm then my right. By the time an hour had passed my arms were shaking. For the following hour I learned how to block incoming punches and had half an hour of drills. When I finished practicing my punching I was ready to be done. It wasn’t over. I’m not very disciplined when it comes to consistency between working out drills. I forgot I was training with a real boxer until he made me do a thirty minute core workout. By the end of my session my body felt like jelly, but all of the anger and stress I had accumulated was gone.

I always laugh when I see boxers shadow boxing. Now it’s even funnier when I catch myself shadow boxing. Never in a million years would I have seen myself with boxing gloves on. I have found a new hobby. And I encourage people to try something new completely out of their element. You never know how good you can be at something unless you try. An active hobby will keep you mentally and physically healthy. Overall it would make you feel accomplished and determined. I always let the fear of failure control me. A little push went a long way. I have continued to practice boxing since that afternoon. That night I purchased my own pink hand wraps and books to learn something different and become good at it.

This summer pick a random sport, take a class and challenge your mind and body to do something different. Stepping out of a routine for a few hours will motivate you in so many ways. You’ll be surprised as to how much you’ll enjoy it.