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How To Beat The Winter Blues

No I’m not talking about relationship statuses. I’m talking about putting on those extra holiday pounds.

In college, you don’t want to be an upper classman who still gains the “freshman 15”. But you find that it’s hard to stay away from the cafeteria while you’re waiting in between classes, especially
when you have a meal plan that you have to get rid of by the end of the semester.

Also, there is quite a different shape in atmosphere in the food from home, and the food from school.

One of the hardest things about committing to a diet and staying on track is remaining motivated throughout the tough times.

You try to take the “healthy” route by getting a yogurt and a bottle of water for three meals a day.

While you’re thinking this is safe and good for your body, you can be hurting yourself at the same time.

Here are some tips to help you avoid blowing up and help you slim down:

  1. Avoid mega,super and large sizes. Less is more.
  2. Drink 100% fruit juices. Orange, grapefruit and pineapple juices are healthier than
    apple, grape or pear juice. Juices are high in Vitamin C and juices are mainly sugar-free.
  3. Get enough sleep. Don’t pull all-nighters whether it’s playing video games, studying,
    or video-chatting with friends from home. Value your time and limit it.
  4. Drink lots of water! Keep your body hydrated and water has no calories, fat, sugar,
    and well anything for that matter. Bored with water? Try flavored water,
    seltzer water or unsalted club soda.
  5. Never eat second helpings.
  6. Use a salad plate for your dinner plate. The less you fit on your plate, the less you’ll
    consume and your stomach will start to shrink causing you to become
    fuller, faster.
  7. Eat breakfast. Eating in the morning makes you less hungry later and reduces
    the temptation to pork out at lunch. Eating breakfast will jump start your
    metabolism and give you more energy during the day.
  8. Avoid fast food. Duh!
  9. Eat slower. You’re more likely to stop eating when you’re full if you eat slowly.
  10. Get off your butt! The school and the hotels have a fitness center that’s FREE!


Don’t think you can’t snack. You can definitely snack in between classes. Try these:

  1. Nuts. But don’t forget portion control. A suggested amount is one quarter of a cup.
  2. Raw veggies and hummus.
  3. Frozen grapes, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries.
  4. Graham crackers.
  5. Pretzels.
  6. Peanut butter with apple slices.
  7. Frozen fruit bars with no sugar.
  8. Rice cakes made from whole grain rice.


Forget weight-loss pills. They can be dangerous and the effects are short lived. Just because you see Kim Kardashian on television commercials promoting that she lost 30 pounds on Hydroxycut. Half of the people on those commercials were pregnant for their before pictures to begin with.

A few things to stay away from:

  1. Eat less pasta.
  2. Don’t assume that you can eat more because you’re drinking a diet soda. Diet soda is
    high in sodium anyway.
  3. Ditto for sugar substitutes.
  4. Don’t eat late at night. When you have a late-night craving, do a couple of crunches.
  5. Don’t hate yourself for messing up from time to time. It’s going to happen.

Set a time to weigh yourself each day or week and stick to that time. Keep a food log to keep track of what you’re eating, and how often you’re eating.

I know you’re probably thinking, “why am I going to listen to someone I don’t even know?” You don’t have to, but most of these tips worked out for me over the last 3 years being at college. I ended high school weighing 130 pounds, which is pretty hefty for a 5’1” girl. I now weigh 117 pounds.

I didn’t just lose weight by eating differently. I joined a gym membership and workout for
one hour a day, six days a week. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym for six hours a day, seven days a week. Give yourself a workout schedule focusing on each area of your body for each visit. When on the treadmill, work out in intervals. Increase your time on a machine by 5 minutes each week.

These tips will help you. You just have to find a workout that’s right for you. Don’t sweat it!

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