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10 Mistakes You’re Making At The Gym

Most people have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I can’t tell you the amounts of people I see come into the gym after I do, and leave before I do.

I mean, sometimes I can see why people do a quick visit at the gym. It’s too crowded most of the time. I hate going to a packed gym, so I always try and go when it’s inconvenient for me and everyone else.

Lunch? No thanks, you guys go munch on delicious flat-breads, I’m gonna go pump some iron and have a protein shake.

Sleep? Eh, I think I’ll run six miles on the tread (short for treadmill) instead.

I always feel like a trip to the gym is like looking through a digital People of Walmart magazine.

I just want to say to the guys lifting weights in work boots and the preteen girls reapplying mascara in the locker room…. what are you doing? This is the gym! A place where it’s okay to sweat, gasp for air, not wear brand spankin’ new running shoes, and guzzle your water down so quickly it’s like Y2K is a threat all over again!

Personally, I would just wear a sports bra and sweatpants if I was comfortable enough. But I’m okay with wearing a ratty t-shirt and basketball shorts with my 10 year old running sneakers with uneven shoe laces and holes in the soles.

Even though I think it’s great that people are working out and staying on top of their health, I just want to grab those preteen divas by their preteen cheeks and tell them to stop trying to lift the 30 pound weights.

Then I want to step on the work-boot clad lumberjack’s toes and remind him just how important arch support is!

It’s not impressive guys!

Many of you may be thinking, who is this girl? What does she know about working out? Honestly, not much. I know what works for me, and I go to the gym about 4-5 days a week. I’m just going based off what I believe is wrong.

So here are 10 mistakes I see most often at the gym:

  1. Poor techniques. This bothers me because you’re going to hurt yourself if you’re not ready to lift heavy weights. There’s toning and there’s building muscle… and then there’s just plain crazy. Always remember to keep your balance. You’re controlling the weights and your workout, not the other way around!
  2. Grunting. I’m sorry, are we in a football huddle? Are you, a caveman? I don’t understand it! If the weights are too heavy just put them back down
  3. Being on the phone. I use Pandora on my Blackberry at the gym as my music so sometimes when I get a text message, I notice. It’s really frustrating, though, when you’re waiting patiently for a machine and the girl who is walking on the treadmill is exerting more energy getting her emoticons up than she is her heart rate.
  4. “Kissy”/duck face photos in the locker room. I’ve seen girls do this at the gym. Why? Do you really have to prove to people you’re at the gym? It’s not going to look like you’re doing much working out. The only thing that would make this photo worse is if you asked the person next to you to take it for you.
  5. What are you wearing? I just don’t get why people come to the gym in something other than workout clothes. To the guys in work pants and Timberlands and the girls in booty shorts that double as undies: you look as uncomfortable as you’re making me feel… and your Britney is peaking out.
  6. Working out without water. Do you want to die? You have to keep yourself hydrated. Okay maybe water doesn’t do it for you, but Gatorade, PowerAde, and Vitamin Water? No? Drinking Redbull doesn’t count! It’s soda! The carbonation is going to kill your insides as you’re working out!
  7. Snacking before and after. Eating small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism pumping! If you’re on a steady system, that’s great. My advice is to opt for lean proteins that give you all the right energy you’ll need to burn and build! But most importantly, remember that it’s okay (and important!) to snack. Pack a bar or a yogurt or the reduced-fat version of your favorite snack to enjoy pre- or post-workout.
  8. All cardio, no play. So many people think when they head to the gym that doing 45 minutes on the elliptical is enough, or that running six miles will turn them into a toned and sexy Tribute. (See what I did there!?) Anyway, a balanced workout is what’s best: cardio AND strength training!
  9. Switching it up! Like any relationship, you’ve got to keep it fresh! The minute you get bored of your workout, it’s time to accept defeat and try something new out. The longer you stay doing a workout you’re tired of, the more likely you’ll find excuses to ‘accidentally’ skip the gym. Try classes or if they weather permits, take it outdoors!
  10. Stretching. Again, do you want to die? Before and after any workout, it’s always good to cool down by showing your muscles a little love. Turn your ‘day off’ from the gym into a chance to do some feel-good Yoga. Your muscles will feel loose, loved and light!


Enjoy! These steps will help you achieve the sexiness you are looking to attain just in time for beach season!

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