Time Management

Time Management

Time is more than numbers, it is used to modify those numbers to your basic needs.I used to be very good when it came to time management. In High School I had no pressure of having to work to help my family; my only focus was on school. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly I started to see a decrease on my ability to use my time wisely because after graduating High School everything became more harder to handle.  

Attending Mercy College, professors tend to expect too much from students and I do not blame them. However, I do believe that they should  be aware and respect all the other things we as students do outside of the learning institute. I envy students who can do it all and still have time for more. During many occasions I underestimate the impact of treating time with the respect its deserved. Throughout my life I did not quite understand the difference between enjoying time and making time, until I realized my puberty time was over and it was time to welcome the adulthood stage inside me. In the morning, when I wake up I go back to the same routines—brush my teeth , make some breakfast (if i have time) get dressed and go. Everything nowadays for me is  a rush, even though New York City is fast paced,I now realize all the time I had taken for granted.

My mom always tells me stories of how she manages her time in order to balance her work, social, and personal life. I didn’t quite get it because in my mind I was like “Yeah MOM, Your Right.”Growing up I remembered that I depended so much on my mom to do things: going to the barbershop, a dental appointment or even to see a friend, my mom has to be next to me all the time– couldn’t do it by myself. Eventually I figured that my mom was right about time management and not being independent to do certain basic demands affected my personality drastically.

After being hired at my current job, my life as a whole became more stressful and didn’t know how to balance all the aspect of my life. I had to minimize my social life as much as I could in order to get things done for my job and for my school. I’ve been “struggling” for a while now and I haven’t gotten used to my new fast paced environment ever since. It sucks. No matter how hard I try, friends  and family will be tempting me to go out or to distract myself from getting my priorities done.

 I get it, I understand it so I should be able to deal with it, but it really isn’t my fault.

The most embarrassing thing is when an assignment is due and you haven’t done it yet. Irresponsible? Not at all, time management, Yes! I try to defend myself, but honestly, how am I suppose to explain that I don’t have enough time to accomplish everything in my life, but eventually I work extra harder to get it done. (a hard thing for me to do with time limitation).

The thing that bothers me most about deadlines is that people see you differently, as if you are a “bad student”. I have never met one before, but plenty of my professors have. I just feel that a grade or an award don’t determines your skill and how smart your are. One of my friends once told me that the biggest mistake people do is to waste time and they do so by pleasing everybody. Once in a while I remember those words, the meaning behind it and how does this reflects to me? All I can say is, “He is right, mistakes will make me learn.” Recently I was so embarrassed that I typed in a homework the same day it was supposed to be submitted. I wanted to say keep moving not hold my self back. Both my teacher and friend were surprised. I surprised myself a bit too; I finish a 4 page paper in less than an hour and it was due the same day. I take school work seriously, I’ve never been in a position where I need to contribute to the house and also do well in school, I guess that is just part of  the real world. I’ve heard stories about people living in the famous “Real World,” which makes it easier to pick up the rhythm of this journey because there really is no other choice. Maybe I’ll just use my spring break to spend some time-on-time management.

My only fear is that my family would be ashamed or disappointed of me, I wanna give my very best. I won’t give up, no matter how hard the outcome I will continue to improve.  I am committed to do it and being able to do many at once.