Most people take the act of walking for granted, but I want all of you to slow down and actually consider the world around us, exploring it throughout the art of walk.

Recently I went to see my grandfather from my father side to give him a present for his birthday. I never considered the fact of walking as important as yesterday, when I went to his house and I saw him on his wheelchair for the first time in several years.

I have met with him before but it was on a different scenario, he was stable and walking with functional legs, now he is walking with his heart by pushing his wheelchair with his arms. I was mesmerize by the amount of energy he puts of those hands in order to have a “normal” day as everyone else. He was persisting. From that moment of my life I understood the art of Walking, that is, of taking walks, of who can expresses it on there daily basis.

He who sits still in a house all the time may be wasting the opportunity and gift that life has given to most human brings. To come down to my own experience, my companion and I, for I sometimes have a companion, take pleasure in or out of my own self , however the need of protocols is necessary in today’s present day.

The heroic spirit that my grandfather have, make me to appreciate every single details that life itself give to us. He thought me uncounsiously how to be pleased and not to practice a demanding act towards life or the people around me.

We have felt that we almost stand up alone in this universe, however the true is the in simplicity is where happiness is and when things are not appreciated than we start to miss them. I guess is just part of life.

No wealth can buy the requisite of freedom, and independence, which are the capital in the art of walking. It comes only by the grace of God. I don’t like to involve religion because everyone is free to believe what they want, but only my own perception of thing is that only him can give you the strength to face any type of obstacle, and everything is mentally, for more cliche as it sounds.

You must be born with the quality of appreciation, sometimes life teaches you to appreciate them, my grandfather was the type of person that he did not care about  simplicity, maybe now by him being in a wheelchair it is an act of him to understand the true meaning behind it. Who knows?

Life can be mysterious and unclear. But is part of it.

No doubt, the way we walk can be a message of expressing our feelings in a silence way.

I think that I cannot preserve my  interest in walking if I do not see or experience what is it like to not be able to walk like my grand father or when you see a disable child or young adult with health problems.

Its sad, however if it wasn’t for them maybe we would never appreciate anything in life.

we all need role models: good and bad.

I know not what matters is what is most important. For me walking is very important and it does matter to me because I cannot see myself living without my legs and I am grateful to have them.Exploring life at the rhythm of your legs feels beautiful and nothing can compares to that feeling. But it is nothing to the virtue of courage in which we can sit down cheerfully  and look at our too legs with movement and  self control.

I wonder that about these times, but the walking of which I speak has nothing in it, but is itself the enterprise and adventure of the day. If you want to get exercise, go to the beach, model, run or just walk go in search of the art of using your legs and see it by your own. Think of your legs as the two machines that carries your body around the earth.

Moreover, you must walk like a camel or turtle to truly understand how important your legs are and the different use they have in our daily lives.