A Natural Gift Called Nature


Beauty is simplicity. Nature is the power that connects souls from the earth into the majesty of the color green, beauty in nature. This world is so beautiful that humans can hardly believe it exists.  The beauty of nature can have a profound effect upon our senses, it can make us reflects on our own actions and the act of being. Nature is within our identities as a race, as an individual of the earth. Since the beginning of the western hemisphere colonization, nature played an important role in guiding them into our purify land.

Christopher columbus landed for the first time in the caribbean sea, his desires for exploration of the nature was obvious. The amount of curiosity within himself kept him going back from long distances to discover the beauty of the land, the beauty of nature. On August 3, 1492, Columbus and his crew traveled from Spain in three ships: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. Throughout their journey nature was guiding them to a purified world, free of man’s rules. For months, Columbus sailed from island to island in what we now know as the Caribbean, looking for the pearls, precious stones, gold, silver, spices, and other objects and merchandise. It was like the mother earth was welcoming him with natural attributes to recompense him for his long journey, however human’s greediness can’t look beyond and abusive act of violence were taking place over the nature and their natives.

The simple perception of natural forms is a mesmerizing. When we think of beauty in nature, we might most immediately think of things that feeling of good senses – the prominence of a mountain, the expanse of the sea, the unfolding of the life of a flower.  Often it is the perception of these things itself which gives us pleasure, and this emotional or affective response on our part seems to be crucial to our experience of beauty. Society not often appreciate the simplicity in life. The sky, the mountain, the tree, the animal, give us a delight in and for themselves. Most often, it seems we find these things to be beautiful because of something we have experienced before or something all human kind wants, which is peace.

Nature can be translated into a place of peace and utopian society, free of rules and commanders. Everything is idealistic in nature, nothing is wrong. The perfect balance of the unbalance can make the perfection among free creatures. Rules and obligations are temptations of the unexplored, a natural instinct of a human trades.There is  an emotional or affective component in the beauty of the intellect just as there is in the immediate beauty of perception. If we destroy the natural world, we take away the things that we can conserved and utilized for our own existence. Not only that nature is valuable because it is beautiful, but nature is beautiful because it possesses intrinsic value, grounded in its intelligible structure.

Others may think nature is just the oceans and the forests, but no matter what you think nature is we all must take care of it because it was given to us. The early settlers didn’t really think of nature as the source of life because the nature that they lived with was so vast and so untouched they never imagined that what they did to it would hurt it in any way. The Indians on the other hand, thought that everything in nature was of equal importance. The inhabitants of the cities only think about the pleasant life and accommodations of the modern cities and without thinking of the natural balance nature have in our lives. The close we look into nature the more we can perceive the majesty that surround it.