Is The Challenge Becoming Too Drama Based?


The Challenge is a MTV reality show that premiered on June 1st, 1998 that originally pitted cast members from The Real World and Road Rules to compete for a cash prize with the prize money varying for each season. Each season has a theme, for example the theme for this season is Final Reckoning where one cast member is paired with their biggest vendetta from a previous season to compete for a total cash prize of One Million Dollars.

Starting on January 6th, 2015 when The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes II starting airing the show decided to bring cast members from anther MTV show called Are You The One to compete for the first time ever. Throughout the years, they have brought contestants from the shows Big Brother, Ex On The Beach (both the UK and US Versions), and Geordie Shore to compete for the prize.

Over the years, I have noticed that the show focuses more on the drama and arguments more so than they do on the challenge and eliminations. Back when they aired earlier seasons, they used to have a challenge and an elimination all in one episode but in the newer seasons, we as the viewers are lucky if we get to see a challenge and elimination all in one day. Most of the time with the newer seasons, we see a challenge and then we see them enjoying their night out at a club only or arguments about the game between two cast members which personally drives me crazy.

On this season, The Challenge: Final Reckoning, majority of the time, you see cast members arguing about events that happened earlier in the day at the challenge or earlier than that. Instead of filling up the time with talk about the game and an elimination, most of the time we are left on cliffhangers that lead into the next weeks episode.

For example, in last night’s episode, it started off where last weeks episode ended and started off with Cara Maria Sorbello and Marie Roda facing off against Shane Landrum and Nelson Thomas in the elimination round from the cliffhanger where Shane and Nelson come out victorious. After that, for almost all of the episode we see the redemption house which is where the eliminated that pairs go to try and win a place back into the game. While we saw some game talk and strategizing, the remainder of the time that we saw in the redemption house was filled with arguments before going to the double cross where we find out which two teams get an automatic spot in the elimination round and get to choose who they want to go against in that elimination round to reenter the main house where the losers of the elimination round would go back to the redemption house.

Surprisingly, we got to see the redemption elimination challenge where Kayleigh Morris and Kam Williams who pulled the first double cross choose Cara Maria and Marie to battle it out to see who would return to the main house and Kyle Christie and Brad Fiorenza choose to compete against Natalie Negrotti and Paulie Calafiore where Cara Maria and Marie and Natalie and Paulie came back won their respective eliminations and got to return to the game.

I feel like if the show had shown less of the game talk and arguments, they most likely could have gotten through each elimination round and had also shown the “daily” challenge instead if waiting until next week to show us the challenge.

A lot of the viewers have complained saying that they liked the old format of the show better because it didn’t focus on all the drama that is going on in the house and instead focused on the challenges and talked about game before going into the elimination. In my personal opinion, I personally believe that all the drama is just too much, it causes too much chaos and takes away from the main reason of the show which is to compete for a cash prize. If I worked for MTV, I personally would make sure that the shoe went back to its old format and didn’t focus so much on the drama. While the occasional drama is okay, the whole episode doesn’t have to focus on it.

If you want to see what I am talking about for yourself, be sure to tune into The Challenge: Final Reckoning Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.