Being A College Senior Is More Stressful

Graduation is approaching, you begin to worry about how to approach the next chapter in your life.

Being A College Senior Is More Stressful

Everyone recalls their senior year of high school as fun and not a care in the world because I got accepted to college so what else is there to do? Four years later and I am a senior in college and two months away from graduation. Insane how time has passed by and how things will soon start to change again. Here I am trying to manage to be a full-time student, my internship, and part-time job while still maintaining somewhat of a social life.  It’s overwhelming because all of these responsibilities take time.

As someone who has always had a vision for herself, there is this sort of pressure in making sure things go as planned. I never thought of going to graduate school, as soon as I graduate I thought to enter the workforce. It is exciting to be close to graduating and entering adulthood because you have so much to accomplish and new adventures awaiting. Then I start to overthink and ask myself how do I go about approaching job interviews and setting myself apart from other recent graduates? Having the opportunity to intern for several agencies have been eye-opening yet intimidating.


The job market has become very competitive especially with millennials being on the rise.  Millennials have surpassed Generation X and will make-up about 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.


A simple resume and cover letter will not further your chance anymore. I have slowly built my social media presence created a website to showcase my work. The depth of work it goes into job searching is frighten because you want your dream job but sometimes life takes you on a different route.


These feelings are bittersweet because I enjoy being in school and learning different things related to my field of study. I have an excuse to have a crazy night out with friends and the wild house parties. All of that will be gone soon because you have to start paying bills, saving money and probably pay tuition loans.


What I have experienced and learned is that college helps you to grow and gain perspective on life. People think college is about simply getting a degree but there is more to it. I’ve had the opportunity to meet new people from different places and to experience the New York City life.

Being from a city where everyone was close-minded it was not easy to think that I would get the chance to go to college or even graduate. I have always dreamt of it since I was in high school and to think I will be soon enough is insane.


I am confident about stepping into the real world of adulthood there is still a little bit inside me that is freaking out. College has been fun while it lasted and Mercy College has given me the chance to explore a whole different life out there beyond the close-minded city I am from.


I might not show that I am stressing compare to others, but secretly I am. At the same time, I am confident of my skills and because I have a vision of being the best I know my hard work will pay off slowly.