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The Impact Says Farewell to its 2019 Seniors

The Impact Says Farewell to its 2019 Seniors

Nicole Acosta, Brian Pineiro, Caroline Newman, Michael Dunnings, and Stephen Lyons

May 8, 2019

As the last "Impact Thursday" of the 2018-19 year arrives, our senior staff members reflect on their time with The Impact.  Though our seniors' journeys are coming to a close, a whole new chapter of their lives is just beginning. We look forward to seeing all that they accomplish in their pr...

Being A College Senior Is More Stressful

Being A College Senior Is More Stressful

Sandra Romero, Staff Writer

February 23, 2018

Everyone recalls their senior year of high school as fun and not a care in the world because I got accepted to college so what else is there to do? Four years later and I am a senior in college and two months away from graduation. Insane how time has passed by and how things will soon start to change...

7 Telltale Signs It’s Your Final Semester

Liv Meier, Associate Editor

February 1, 2018

Congratulations, you've finally made it. Thanks to a countless number of late night study sessions, coffee and support from your fellow struggling students, the end is near. There's only a short four months standing in the way of you and your diploma. It's your final semester but life is a bit different...

Costa Pitches Motivation to Mavs

Costa Pitches Motivation to Mavs

Kayla Simas, Managing Editor

April 9, 2017

It was the last conference doubleheader of the season for Sussex Community College, a week before playoffs. All Kenny Costa and his team needed were to win these two games and they were soon on their way to a region title. Once Costa’s coach decided to start him on the mound for game one, he knew ...

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