My Friend, My Cop

My Friend, My Cop

I have a friend who is a cop. He has been a cop for a very long time, as long as I’ve been alive actually. I know the police can be a touchy subject, but I wanted to show that there are good cops out there. This is about one cop, who is one of the most professional yet cool officers I have ever met. Most people say the same thing when they get to know him.  I’ll use a code name in this story. I want people to know about this friendship and awesome officer.

I met D-Dean when I started school. My school had its own cop whose day job was to come in every day and make sure we were safe. From a young age, I was obsessed with all things law and criminal justice so I was super happy to have my own cop. Yes, I refer to him as my own cop. I don’t remember our first conversation. I think it was during arrival one day. From then on, I pretty much wanted to be attached to his hip. If you needed one of us, the other probably knew where we could be found. Well, me more than him, as I’m the resident stalker. I was really interested in his career and he is a great person to be around.

D-Dean and I are very different people, in every way, honestly. We definitely have more differences than similarities but still click really well. But we both love to talk, we can go and on about nothing with no one all day; two peas in a pod in that way. We definitely aren’t shy people and I think that works for both our careers. School feels like a lifetime ago. I could spend hours in his office talking to him. Like, who chooses to sit in a cop’s office? The same girl who chooses to have lunch with her principals in school. 

D-Dean has served his community well and has become a trusted ally for me. He is amazing at staying professional while still building a bond with you. Even his colleagues cherish his cool personality.

You all may be confused about what the point of this story is. So, let me explain what this whole column is about now. It’s about our friendship and how great this officer is.

I look up to D-Dean very much. He is one of my favorite people; someone who makes me instantly happy. He definitely has an infectiously happy personality that everyone loves to see. We have a pretty generic friendship but get along famously. But I think that’s what makes it special, we have become two old friends now.

Here is this man; so emotionally reserved; can warmly say goodbye with a hug; admittedly has had trouble expressing emotion – when he saw me crying, he was visibly upset; a friend that can put up with my neediness and not even understand it. I think that’s what makes him an awesome officer as well, he has the ability to empathize and connect with others. Because of the pandemic, we spoke so much these last few months, and though we were always close, this really heightened the levels of our friendship. Both of us funny people, we are one hell of a pair! He has touched many people through his long career and has helped many people.

He has made a fantastic differnce in my life being the amazing officer that he is and I appreciate his work.

D-Dean has given so much to his community and job and he hasn’t asked for much back, but I hope he gets it all and much more. He is a great father, husband, and friend. An achievement every man in his shoes should strive for, even if he does have terrible political standards. (It’s a joke, ha!) But, I still care for him and appreciate the work he does for his community everyday with his brothers and sisters in blue backing him. Thank you, D-Dean for protecting and serving with honor!