Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

The Ups and Down’s of chasing your dreams.

Dont Sweat The Small Stuff

This year has started off just peachy. I was let go from my job during the second week of February, because they needed me to work more.

Currently I am in school full-time two days a week and an Intern at Cosmopolitan & Seventeen magazine three days a week. And until two weeks ago, I was a sales associate/ visual merchandiser on weekends.

My plan was to work, go to school and intern. I would eventually graduate and work until I found my dream job. I would meticulously plan out my days and progressively get to where I want to be.

But I was let go from my job because I was too dedicated to things in other parts of my life. Apparently folding clothes is at the forefront of all responsibilities.

I get it. A store manager worries about their store, they way a student would their future.

But being let go from my sales job so abruptly and for that reason was a wake up call. And needless to say, I felt my time with that job ending anyway.

I’m scared now, however. Being let go from a job or missing out on an opportunity happens all the time in the real world and I want to make sure that that doesn’t happen again. Of course, that isn’t in my power.


I’ll be honest and say that for some time before this, I had been feeling like I had hit a glass ceiling, in every aspect of my life. Work was boring, school was frustrating and Graduation is so close yet so far.

So what am I to do? With just being let go and an adamant need to not go back into retail, what’s next?

I honestly do not have a clue.

With the glass ceiling slowly shattering above my head, I’m not entirely sure if I want to progress yet. I just need a little bit more time.

Although financially crippling being let go has freed up space in my schedule. I can now focus more on school and interning.

I can now shape the future that I want for myself and put into play all of the things that I would like to do.

A girl has got to make moves.

Something has got to give. But how does one decide to either focus on their dreams or be practical and focus on being able to live.

Sometimes, well most of the time, life makes that decision for you.

And life has decided to play me.

Last weekend my laptop decided to go on the fritz. After 8 years my baby has finally decided to give up on me.

I almost feel like crying but I cant.

How ironic is it, being a Journalism major without a fully functioning laptop to work on?!

I’m a writer, I always have been. But this is just too funny. Really.

As much as I feel like giving up, I just won’t allow myself to. And throwing a tantrum just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

I also need to remind myself that despite all of this, life could be so much worse.

I have my family’s support, a roof over my head and food to eat.

Life has a funny way of playing with you. These signs although small can lead to something big.

Although I am a confident writer, a career in print is daunting.

I lost my job because interning and focusing on school is where I need to be right now.

Because of these signs, I am prepared to pay my dues and work my butt off.

I’m out of work with a broken laptop and a pocket full of dreams.

But I just can’t sweat the small stuff.