Why The Patriots Will Win The Super Bowl. Again!


The Patriots last season when there’s 6 super bowl and continue a dynasty that has lasted now almost 20 years. Led still by the ageless wonder Tom Brady and coaching guru Bill Belichick, the Patriots for the last five years they’ve just been a plug and play team. But with all that, they’ve still had major success

A major component of their success is that they play in the AFC East. They play the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo bills twice each a year.

That’s an easy five to six wins just in their division. Since Bill Belichick has been a coach for the Patriots, they’re the only team to have an overall winning record. That’s crazy how easy for a schedule they have year in, and year out.

It’s almost not fair because they almost always have a first-round bye and home-field thru out the playoffs.

Also, this year is the first time that the defense is the reason the Pats are winning games. Most of the time it’s Tom Brady in the offense leading the way or both offense and defense are equally good.

But it’s never just the defense doing all the work every game.

Now the defense has shocked the NFL world through the first 8 games of the season. The Patriots are 8-0 and they have a monstrous +189 (250PF-61PA) point differential this season.

They have 19 interceptions to only one passing touchdown. They also have forced mine fumbles, recovering seven. The Patriots defense has now produced an incredible 25 turnovers this season, which leads the NFL by a wide margin.

But the craziest stat is they have the same amount of defensive TD’s, then total touchdowns given up against this year.

The New England Patriots’ “Boogeymen” defense left Sam Darnold seeing ghosts last week, and they haunted the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. New England forced the Browns into three consecutive turnovers during a 27-13 win over Cleveland Sunday

“Yeah, we’ve played a lot of players. We rotate a lot,” New England coach Bill Belichick told reporters recently. “We’ve played 20 players on defense the last four or five weeks. So naturally, you start splitting it up between 20 guys, that’s what you’re going to get.

“Show me how many teams in the league play 20 players on defense – not too many.”

The Patriots lead the league in nearly every major defensive category, and they’re doing it with a variety of players making plays. Nine different players have registered at least one interception. Six different players have forced at least one fumble and five have recovered at least one fumble. Nine different players have at least one sack.

Bill Belichick was a 34-year-old defensive coordinator when he was carried off the field after the New York Giants routed the Washington Redskins in the 1986 NFC Championship Game en route to the franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl victory. Over three decades later, Belichick’s son, Steve, is making similar waves with the New England Patriots’ defense.

Several Patriots players recently told the Boston Herald that Steve has been calling plays for New England’s defense “for weeks.” The younger Belichick, who began coaching with his dad on the Patriots’ staff back in 2012, has been the team’s safeties coach since 2016. Belichick has received added responsibilities in the absence of former Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores, who is in the midst of his first season as the Miami Dolphins head coach.

“We’ve started to gel with [Steve Belichick], knowing what he’s going to call and the way he thinks through the game,” said Patriots safety Terrence Brooks,

But coming up this Sunday will be the toughest test of the year so far for the Patriots, as they come against up-and-coming superstar Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

The Ravens put up the second-most total yards per game (435 yards) and the second-most points per game (30.6) this season.

The Pats are gonna have to throw the kitchen sink at Lamar in this game. But they will be in familiar territory going up against Jackson. They play Josh Allen twice a season, and Allen has a similar style of play compared to Jackson. Allen whose a mobile QB with an arm had a stat line of 153 yards passing and 26 yards rushing with a TD against the Pats earlier this season.

Is Lamar Jackson a better athlete and QB than Josh Allen. Of course, he is but the Patriots already have an idea and blueprint on how to stop a mobile QB.

If the Patriots come out with a win and also stifling Jackson on defense, then pretty much nothing can get past the Patriots defense and they will win the super bowl for the seventh time in the Brady/Belichick era.