The Struggle Of Making A Living…

The Struggle Of Making A Living...

Everyone takes life for granted. Many don’t know the importance of life or its value. In my childhood growing up, I always thought that everything was for free.

The cost of an apartment, house, car and clothes, I took it all for granted.

I did not have to be worried about anything at all. I always thought my parents had everything covered. The feeling of me thinking such thing like that sounds naïve now, but the one thing I noticed was that there are others people that felt the same way as me in their childhood too.

Making a living was not easy for my mom, because not only she had to take care of herself, but all six of her kids. At the time, I’m thinking I got stuff for free. Until I noticed the look on my mom’s face – the look of her going through a struggle. But quickly her struggle became my struggle. I know how it feels to be in a struggle, in fact my whole childhood was a struggle. From not having food to eat in the house for weeks, not able to shop for new cloths, and much more. At that time of my childhood, I began to value the things I had in life and to learn how important my life is to me

As I got older, my life began to change. I started to notice what I thought was free in my childhood was actually not free at all. I learn as humans we have to work hard to get what we want in life. Getting a job is just a start. Many of us feel excited when we get our first job. Just the feeling of joy we get as a person; but receiving that first pay check means everything to us. We feel just to go out and shop with the money we work hard for.

Just one step of making a living.

I started to learn having my first job filled me with joy, but after some time that feeling of joy became to fade away. It was like the happiness that was once there went away and started to have a feeling that I have never felt in my life. The feeling of stress, depression and much more. I have noticed that my first job was not making ends meet. I came to realize that I was not the only one in the struggle, but my former co-worker and now friend was in a deeper struggle in making ends meet. She was in a deeper problem in which she was struggling to pay off her bills in trying to make a living of what she has.

When I really looked at her situation, I said to myself “life is not easy at all. It’s hard.”

As we live life as humans, we need to learn how to value life and know the importance of life. Each decision we make has an impact our life. Trying to make a living is not impossible, all you just got to do is put your mind to it and know you will make it through. Making a living can be struggle, but we must know how to overcome it.

Keep fighting the good fight.