The Changes That Come In Life

The Changes That Come In Life

Jose-Ramon Serrano, Staff Writer

When we are born and come into this world thinking that life seems so easy. The process of life begins as being a baby, to becoming a kid, to teenager, and becoming a young adult. Once you’re a baby, you don’t understand what’s going on. Here comes the stage  of an individual childhood begins. Many people have different stories about their childhood. Some have stories of their childhood struggles and the fun times of their childhood. I remember my childhood, which was not easy at all. I come from a loving family, but the struggles my parents had to go through was not easy at all. They both had jobs that did not make much money. Therefore,  I had to appreciate the things I had because at the time of my childhood there was 6 of us living together. The struggles I had gone through were real. I was not a kid that will get what I wanted. I was a kid that appreciated what I got. At that moment of my life I did not go shopping for clothes all the time. I had to use the clothing that was available to me. The chance of getting new clothes was not likely because of the fact my parents did not make much. The most important part that we cared about was having a roof over our heads.

At that moment of my life I fully understood how to really appreciate what I have and became to know the struggles of life. I been through it and will not want to go through it again. When I see other individual that has what they want from their mom/dad I say to myself they will never appreciate what they have because they would not know how the struggles of life is and feel. As I got older and moved on to middle school, there was this organization call of Publicolor that have changed my life. I went to middle school called I.S 174 in the Bronx. Instructor of that worked in the school building told students that they will get a chance to paint the school if we joint the program. When I decided to join the program, it was the best decision I have made in my life.

This organization had made my life turn around. They have taught so much about life and gave me that helping hand. I have learn so much from this organization over the years I have been with them. One of the things that really touch my heart was when they paid for a private tutor to help improve my academic skills, which it has. This moment of my life was one of the change that happen in my life. There are much more.

All my life I have been living with my family members, but I have always been independent and always doing things on my own. A stage of life has come knocking on my door where I now have to move out of my family house. This stage of life can become very nervous to people of what come. Everyone will hit this stage of life or already in it. When this stage of life comes many people they will start to feel stressed out, depress, and mixs feelings. Just because the first time where many people will live on there own will become nervous. I myself am nervous because I now I have make sure that I have food, rent money, and much more.

But I say to myself this is only a part of life that; I myself have to go through. Just like many have gone through it as well. Changes of life can come out of no where. All we have to do is make sure we are prepare.