The House Of Worship


Jose-Ramon Serrano, Staff Writer

As a kid or what I can say as a baby I have always been in a house of worship. Throughout my life I have grown up in church with my family. It felted good the fact that being with my whole family in the house of worship just gave me that good feeling of being untiled. The House of Worship means church. When I go back and remember the time I was a kid in church I loved the when I was in Sunday school with my friends. We will just have so much fun. Having fun from Sunday school to the lunch break, than off to worship which was the best part I have enjoy. At that moment when I was a kid at church; when it came to worshiping god I use to always sit all the way in the front of the church playing an instrument. The instrument I played was bongos drums, in fact I enjoyed playing at church.

Everyone has there an opinion about going to church, believing in god, and more. I respect everyones opinion when it comes to believing in god and the fact of going to church. I am the type of person that will alway like inviting my friends, family, and people I do not know to come by my church. I’m just that type of reason. One thing I ever to do is judge someone of what they have on or the type of person they are. I welcome everyone in my church and including visitors with love and kindness. As I was growing up being in the house of worship known as church meant a lot to me. To me it’s a place where I am able to forget about all of my struggles and problem. In fact will help in my daly life.

I am a person that believe in god so much and believe he is in control of my life. What I do is leave my struggles and problem in his hand. I don’t worried about anything that goes on in my life. At times I feel that others think or say “why dose Jose never worried about what he’s going through,” that’s what I think they say. I always try not to think about all of the struggles and problem that I have going in my life. If I start to think about all of that, Than I’ll become stress and depress at the same time.

As I continue in going to church I became person that is not able to sit down and do nothing, for some reason I have to do something. For some reason I became to have a hart in helping out the youth in church’s. I came to realize there are not many teens that attend  church. It makes me think why when I already do know why, but still I think about it. I myself do attend a church and have so much ideas for the youth in my church, but it’s all in gods time. I just want teens to feel comfortable when they step into a church or my church for the first time.

The House of Worship is a place for me to get some peace and feel free and worship god. Many don’t understand me or many may do. There are many that’s going to disagree and many that will not. I know as a person that god change my life and has bless me in so many way. I know that he can do it to others if people will just give god a chance to work in their life.

So give it a chance and come to The House of Worship.